SFC Energy Celebrates 10th Anniversary of EMILY Fuel Cell for Defense & Security Applications

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  • EMILY fuel cell provides off-grid power to vehicle-based, mobile and stationary defense and security applications worldwide.
  • Major advantages are EMILY’s ultimate power reliability, environmental friendliness, environmental and temperature ruggedness and high flexibility.

Brunnthal/Munich, Germany  – SFC Energy AG (F3C:DE, ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, celebrates the 10th anniversary of their popular ruggedized EMILY fuel cell. Together with the portable JENNY fuel cell, EMILY is SFC Energy’s most successful military fuel cell. It is used in vehicle-based, mobile and stationary off-grid missions by defense and government organizations worldwide.

The idea of the EMILY fuel cell was first born over 10 years ago when SFC Energy’s Clean Energy and Mobility EFOY fuel cell started its success story as silent, reliable and environmentally friendly off-grid power source in caravanning, boat, and mobile office applications. Defense experts, who identified these capabilities as very interesting for the military’s off-grid power needs, came to SFC Energy with the request for a ruggedized EFOY. In 2009 SFC launched EMILY, a fuel cell specifically designed as a power source for demanding off-grid applications in military scenarios, complying with the military specifications. EMILY builds on SFC Energy’s proprietary Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) technology used in the Company’s EFOY fuel cell, and is ruggedized for autonomous, reliable, weather independent operation in toughest climates and conditions. The name EMILY is a combination of EFOY and MILItary fuel cell.

In the past 10 years and in countless mission, EMILY has proven its reliability and convenience: It is low-maintenance with a very long shelf life and very long autonomy. In operation, it reliably delivers off-grid power without requiring any user-intervention. It is environmentally friendly, which is a major advantage in manned vehicles, virtually silent and non-detectable, which makes it ideal for silent watch and undercover missions.

In operation, EMILY enables significant reductions of maintenance and operational cost, while bringing weight reductions of up to 80 % compared to conventional generators. In many applications, EMILY is over 10 times more fuel-efficient, which makes it extremely valuable in remote locations. Used on board of military vehicles or as a field charger, it significantly extends device runtimes with fully automatic battery recharges, without having to start a vehicle engine or having to interrupt operations for supplies. EMILY also avoids deep discharge of vehicle batteries at low temperatures and after long parking periods.

EMILY fuel cells today are deployed in any climate zone, from extremely high mountain altitudes, in ice and snow, to hot and humid tropical climates. At this year’s IDEX exhibition, SFC Energy presents a new EMILY feature: Together with the SFC Power Manager PM 3G it can be combined into an intelligent energy network with solar power and hybrid batteries.

“EMILY is a real asset for soldiers, in ever more military applications”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “The fuel cell itself is small and lightweight enough to fit in any vehicle or stationary system, and it can easily be combined with a wide variety of batteries and fuel cartridges to meet mission specifications. This flexibility, combined with its proven reliability and environmental friendliness, is the reason for the growing success of EMILY with defense and government organizations across the world.” EMILY fully complies with military standards and carries a NATO stock number (NSN) and is on the GSA schedule for US Government purchases. Numerous international NATO and PfP defense organizations use SFC Energy fuel cell products.

SFC Energy showcases the EMILY and the portable JENNY fuel cells, the SFC Power Manager and the SFC Defense Portfolio at IDEX 2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE, February 17 to 21, at booth C11-09.

Additional information on SFC Energy’s off-grid power portfolio for oil & gas, clean energy & mobility, industry and defense & security at

About SFC Energy Group

SFC Energy AG ( is a leading provider of hybrid solutions to the stationary and portable power generation markets. SFC is the number one supplier of fuel cells, with over 41,000 fuel cells sold to date. The Company has award-winning products and serves a range of applications in the Oil and Gas, Security and Industry, and Consumer markets. The Company is headquartered in Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, operates production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania, and Canada. SFC Energy AG is listed on the Deutsche Boerse Prime Standard (GSIN: 756857 ISIN: DE0007568578).

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