SFC Energy Presents Prototype of HIGH Power Platform (Up to 200 KW) and Own Membrane Strategy at First Capital Markets Day

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  • Prototype of the HIGH Power platform (up to 200 kW) EFOY Hydrogen
  • Expansion of technology and market leadership with proprietary membrane technology
  • Status and next steps of internationalization
  • Strong operational development – significant growth and margin expansion

Brunnthal/Munich– SFC Energy AG (F3C:DE, ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading supplier of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions, held its first Capital Markets Day last Friday. At the hybrid event held at the company’s headquarters in Brunnthal near Munich, Germany, the Management gave the more than 100 investors, analysts and journalists present and virtually connected insight into the company’s business model, technology and roadmap as well as the implementation of its growth strategy, which is based on the three pillars of regional and technological expansion, acceleration of R&D activities and inorganic growth opportunities. Highlight of the event was the presentation of the prototype HIGH Power platform up to 200 kW and the strategy to expand technology and market leadership with proprietary membrane technology. The focus was also on the next steps in internationalization, which reached an important milestone this year with the opening of its own production facility in India. A tour of the production facility rounded off the program, during which the participants present were able to gain a personal impression and get a detailed explanation on the construction of a fuel cell.

Dr Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy: “Clean energy for generations – anytime and anywhere – sums up our conviction. We are not only fuel cell pioneers, we are also thought leaders and forerunners – and profitable. Day in, and day out, we are committed to our pioneering fuel cell technology with passion, enormous dedication, innovative strength, and efficiency. In this way, we are making our contribution on the road to climate neutrality. We are dedicated to environmentally friendly power generation – self-sufficient, reliable, low-noise and without environmentally harmful emissions. This is our corporate DNA as a medium-sized technology provider, which we have been implementing sustainably and responsibly for more than 20 years in the interests of people and the environment. The HIGH Power platform is now the next level of our innovations.”

Next innovation steps – prototype HIGH Power platform for fuel cells up to 200 kW and proprietary membrane technology With the EFOY methanol fuel cell, launched in 2003, and the EFOY hydrogen fuel cell, which has been on the market since 2020, SFC Energy already covers the needs of low and medium power supply. The aim is to serve the market with more powerful fuel cells – up to 200 kW output – in the future, thus opening up new market segments for the Group. At the Capital Markets Day, the innovative SFC hydrogen fuel cell solution with a nominal power of 50 kW and a modular design of up to 200 kW was presented. Prototype tests are underway and the first customer tests will take place in 2024. The start of series production is planned for the end of 2024.

Another important step in securing market and technology leadership is the acquisition of equipment and technologies from Johnson Matthey for the production of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for direct methanol fuel cells. For this purpose, a new development and production facility is being built near Swindon, UK. SFC Energy is thus expanding its core competencies to include membrane technology and will in future be able to produce the key fuel cell components itself. In this way, SFC Energy secures a stable supply chain and significantly increases the value-added share of methanol fuel cells by integrating component production. SFC Energy thus also takes over the upcoming developments of its own membrane technology in order to make processes more efficient and to implement material savings and cost efficiencies.

Status and next steps of internationalization True to the motto “Promised and delivered”, SFC Energy has consistently worked through key focal points of its growth strategy in the current year: with the foundation of the subsidiary SFC Energy India Pvt. Ltd. and the opening of the first production site in Gurgaon, the high-tech center of Delhi in India, SFC Energy has significantly expanded its footprint in the Asian region. The site is not only expected to meet the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable power generators in the world’s most populous country, such as SFC’s hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for residential, industrial and government use, but also to act as a springboard for the entire region.

SFC has also expanded its presence in the UK with the foundation of the subsidiary SFC Energy UK Ltd. With regard to further expansion, a decision on its own site in the USA will be made in the fourth quarter of 2023. Furthermore, additional capacity expansion is underway with the establishment of a new production site in Romania. With the above steps, SFC Energy will have six production sites on three continents as of 2024 and will be represented worldwide with its own sales and service units as well as through established partnerships.

Strong operating performance – significant growth and margin expansion The first half of the year was characterized by strong operating figures. The significant organic sales growth of 49.5% to EUR 57.1 million compared to the previous year (EUR 38.2 million) together with an expansion of margins (EBITDA margin in H1/2023 increased to 12.8% after 8.2% in H1/2022) underlines the increasing market penetration of SFC Energy’s products, both internationally and technologically.

“We look back on the best half-year in the Company’s history and are confident that we will achieve the targets we have set ourselves for 2023. We have again succeeded in achieving dynamic organic growth while significantly expanding our margins. This is also a key element of our differentiation in the sector: we combine ambitious growth targets with a continuous and sustainable improvement in earnings. We intend to continue on this path, which, in our opinion, we are the only company in the industry to pursue consistently so far,” Daniel Saxena, CFO of SFC Energy, summarized his remarks.

The current year is characterized by numerous incoming orders from different markets and regions. These include major orders in the area of public safety with a volume of more than EUR 33 million for fuel cells to supply energy in India as well as large orders from Poland, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, the use of a mobile hydrogen fuel cell from SFC Energy as a power source for temporary mobile communications during a music festival was tested for the first time with SFC Energy’s H2Genset. Demand in the Clean Energy and Clean Power Management segments continues to be dynamic.

Implementation of growth strategy – focus on further M&A issues During the event, the Management Board reaffirmed the forecast for fiscal year 2023, which was specified in the half-year report and now envisages consolidated sales of between EUR 107 million and EUR 111 million in 2023. For adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EBIT, the Management Board expects a range of EUR 10.5 million to EUR 14.1 million and EUR 5.0 million to EUR 8.6 million, respectively.

Fuel cell technology has established itself on the market. As a technology leader and first mover, SFC is benefiting from this in particular. “With our technologies, we hold a key to making energy supply more ecological, more environmentally friendly and still reliable. We will continue this development and further accelerate it with targeted investments and acquisitions. The focus will be on companies that give us access to markets that have so far been untapped or underdeveloped. However, we are also keeping our eyes open along our value chain for complementary technologies. Our know-how and experience in the development and integration of new technologies provide us with synergies and competitive advantages. This offers SFC Energy enormous opportunities to secure further market shares, to drive innovation and to accelerate its growth course in the long term,” Dr Peter Podesser rounded off his remarks.

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