Siemens Mobility Mireo wins German Sustainability Award Design

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Siemens Clean Trains

The Mireo train won the Pioneer category of the German Sustainability Award for Design.

The Mireo is the new, eco-friendly and economical regional and commuter train from Siemens Mobility, which offers a comfortable and inspiring riding experience.

The first fleet has been in operation since June 2020 in the Rhine Valley in Baden-Württemberg and over 180 trains have already been ordered in the meantime.

Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility: “We are delighted that our Mireo train has won the German Sustainability Award Design in the Pioneers category. The Mireo combines cost-effectiveness and sustainability and is characterized by a very comfortable, barrier-free travel experience for passengers. In addition, the variants Mireo Plus H (use of hydrogen from electrolysis) and Mireo Plus B (use of batteries) give operators the opportunity to switch to climate-friendly alternatives – and therefore actively protect the environment.”

The Mireo unites high energy efficiency with minimizing resource usage across the entire life cycle and therefore has an impressive impact on climate and resources.

At the same time, providing an eco-friendly and resource-conserving train coupled with innovative design increases the attractiveness of rail traffic overall for passengers. This promotes broader public acceptance of rail traffic, which in contrast to other means of transportation, represents a far more sustainable form of mobility. The Mireo completely takes into account the needs of passengers with reduced mobility and offers a comfortable travel experience across generations.

In addition, the Mireo is also offered with alternative drive technologies (hydrogen and battery systems). An order for 20 trains has already been placed for the battery-operated Mireo Plus B. Together with Deutsche Bahn, Siemens Mobility is developing a new overall system comprised of hydrogen train and special filling station. Furthermore, Siemens Mobility is creating a fuel cell drive together with the Canadian company Ballard Power Systems and RWTH Aachen.


Thanks to the combination of proven technology and innovations, we have been able to reduce energy consumption by 25% compared to previous models. The materials used to ensure a recycling rate of over 95% at the end of the life cycle. The Mireo will also be available with alternative hydrogen (H2) and battery drive technologies. The H2 version is currently being developed in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn.

Passenger experience:
Together with our partners, our goal is to ensure that people enjoy a comfortable and inspiring travel experience before reaching their destinations reliably, sustainably, and safely. Our modular vehicle concept enables different car body lengths and train configurations as well as entrance heights. Internet on board, passenger information systems and monitoring systems (CCTV) increase travel comfort and safety. The interior design is flexible and can be tailored and adapted throughout the entire life cycle. Thanks to the innovative construction (“empty pipes concept”), the same train length offers more available seats compared to previous models. The resulting usable space completely benefits passengers and can be used for bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs when needed.

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