Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design to Showcase Hydrogen Yacht Concept in Monaco: A New Way of Yachting

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Aqua Hydrogen Yacht 2

In the design and development of AQUA hydrogen-powered yacht, the team of Sinot designers team derived inspiration from owners’ lifestyles, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology, combining all of this in a 112m superyacht with truly innovative features.

Onboard, the interrelated requirement for privacy and space has been addressed with an extraordinarily large owner’s pavilion. To accentuate the link with the water, much thought has been devoted to making the ocean as accessible and visible as possible.

At the lower decks, the usual parameters for propulsion, range, and speed have been translated into a complete hydrogen-electric system, whose physical dimensions and operational characteristics reinforce a comprehensively innovative superyacht experience.

Aqua Hydrogen Yacht 1

At Sinot, “our highly talented designers offer more than just a design style. We always integrate all aspects of design into a newbuild: this means acknowledging key questions such as ‘why build a yacht in the first place?’ and ‘how can we ensure that you will enjoy your investment and enrich your sense of freedom?’

Sander J Sinot: “Aqua is focused on an environmentally sensitive subject: yacht propulsion and the choice of fuel. Propulsion systems have become highly optimized over the past few years: diesel-electric combinations in many configurations and setups have grown in popularity, with the goal of increasing efficiency and ultimately reducing emissions. To take this discussion into an entirely new realm we have initiated AQUA, our new yacht concept, using a hydrogen-electric system capable of catering for all onboard energy needs.”

“Our challenge was to implement fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cells in a true superyacht that is not only groundbreaking in technology, but also in design and aesthetics.”

The flowing exterior lines of AQUA are inspired by ocean swells – the surge of energy induced by winds and currents, boosted by the gravitational forces that control the ocean’s tides.

Those fluid, free-flowing lines accentuate the freedom of life on the water and blend into their environment in complete harmony with nature. AQUA is configured with a five-deck setup, utilizing forward interior space through the high sheer line which subtly descends from bow to aft.

The yacht has been designed to provide those on board with the closest possible proximity to the water. The aft deck features a unique and innovative series of platforms cascading down towards the sea, while a large swim platform allows all AQUA passengers to enjoy the optimal experience of accessing the water at sea level.

Sinot will present a three-meter scale model of the concept at the Monaco Yacht Show next week.

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