Sizewell C Seeks Partners to Develop Hydrogen

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Sizewell C Seeks Partners to Develop Hydrogen

Sizewell C is looking for commercial partners to help develop Hydrogen and Direct Air Capture (DAC) demonstrator projects linked to the proposed new nuclear power station in Suffolk.

Two “Expression of Interest” (EOI) proposals are being issued today asking companies with relevant expertise to come forward to deliver each project.

Hydrogen and DAC were highlighted in the Government’s recent 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution as having a key role to play in reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Using spare low carbon heat from nuclear power generation can make hydrogen production and DAC significantly more efficient. The demonstrator projects are intended to lead to permanent larger-scale facilities connected to Sizewell C as part of a low carbon energy hub.

Any new construction relating to these proposals would be conditional on receiving planning permission.


Sizewell C is planning to develop a small demonstrator project using an electrolyser with the potential to produce up to 800kg of hydrogen per day. The hydrogen would be used to fuel some of the vehicles and equipment used in the construction of the power station and reduce the usage of diesel. Further uses could include supplying hydrogen to meet the requirements of local authorities, nearby ports, industry, and for local bus and rail transport.

The project is looking for interested parties to supply the electrolyser, provide hydrogen-fuelled vehicles or equipment (or express interest in hydrogen consumption for their own uses), and provide project management.

A permanent facility supplied with low-carbon heat and power by Sizewell C could produce hydrogen at scale.

Julia Pyke, Sizewell C Director of Finance and Regulation said: “Sizewell C will supply around 6 million British homes with always-on low carbon power, but it has enormous potential to do much more in support of our net-zero future. By using spare heat to enable some of the other low carbon technologies needed alongside nuclear, Sizewell C will become a flexible energy hub and provide even greater value for energy users.”

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