SK E&S, Strengthening ‘Low-Carbon Hydrogen Partnership’ at COP28… Accelerating Global Carbon Neutrality

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  • At COP28 held on the December 2nd, SK E&S signed a ‘Global MOU for the construction of the largest low-carbon hydrogen plant in Korea’ with its global partners and local government.

  • The event, jointly hosted by the Korea’s Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth, discussed successful strategies for the establishment of a low-carbon hydrogen project in Korea with GE Vernova, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, Chungcheongnam-do*, Korea Midland Power.
    *Chungcheongnam-do: a local government located in the center of the Republic of Korea, with a population of approximately 2 million

SEOUL, South Korea SK E&S has collaborated with global partners to establish foundation for the domestic low-carbon hydrogen* industry, with support from local government. They plan to mass-produce low-carbon hydrogen, leading the early establishment of the domestic hydrogen ecosystem and contributing to global carbon neutrality.

*Low-Carbon Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced by modifying natural gas with CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) technology applied to capture and store carbon emissions during the hydrogen extraction process.

SK E&S announced the signing of a global MOU on December 2nd (local time) at COP28, the 28th UN Climate Change Conference held in Dubai, UAE. The agreement involves collaboration with GE Vernova(GE), Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, Chungcheongnam-do and Korea Midland Power(KOMIPO) to advance Korea’s largest-scale low-carbon hydrogen project in Boryeong City, Chungcheongnam-do.

Through this agreement, SK E&S will play a key role in stable production and supply of 250,000 tons of low-carbon hydrogen annually and use it for mobility and power generation. SK E&S also announced the plan to use CCS(Carbon Capture & Storage) technology to capture carbon dioxide emitted during the hydrogen production process and store it in a depleted gas field.

Global hydrogen specialists Air Liquide Engineering & Construction and GE will supply main equipment for the hydrogen plant. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction will handle hydrogen production and liquefaction equipment, while GE will manufacture hydrogen/natural gas co-fired turbines. Chungcheongnam-do will provide administrative support and permits for the hydrogen project, and KOMIPO will support project management and maintenance for the entire plant construction.

SK E&S, participating in COP for the first time, also held a ‘Global Collaboration for the Low-Carbon Hydrogen Value Chain’ event at the COP Korea Pavilion with the Korea’s Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth. The event included presentations on the role of hydrogen in the era of energy transition, and the hydrogen-related technologies of MOU signatories GE and Air Liquide Engineering & Construction were also disclosed.

About SK E&S

SK E&S is a member of the SK Group, the second largest conglomerate in Korea, and has secured its position as the No.1 private LNG provider as the first and the largest non-state-owned company to complete the LNG Value Chain in Korea. Beyond the LNG value chain business, SK E&S is leading carbon reduction with renewable energy, hydrogen, energy solution. Based on these key businesses, SK E&S will make a transition to unique ‘Green Portfolio’ and become a global leader in the world’s green energy sector.



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