Snam Awarded as Innovator in Sustainable Finance by Environmental Finance

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Snam is among the winners of the “Bond Awards 2021 – Award for innovation” by Environmental Finance, an international magazine specialized in sustainable finance.

Snam’s transition bond framework was praised for being “forward-thinking and innovative”. This framework incorporated the company’s decarbonisation targets set out in the Group’s 2020-2024 strategic plan announced last November.

Environmental Finance Bond Awards judges praised the framework’s “great combination of use of proceeds” and the company’s explanation of how those align with its longer-term transition objectives. Snam last year issued two bonds under the framework, worth a combined 1.1 billion euros.

Sustainable finance is a pillar of Snam’s ESG strategy and its activities in the energy transition (biomethane, energy efficiency, hydrogen, sustainable mobility). By 2024, sustainable finance is expected to increase to 60% of Snam’s total funding from current 40%.


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