Solar Impulse Foundation Supports Hydrogen Growth and Environmental Protection

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Solar Impulse Foundation Supports Hydrogen Growth and Environmental Protection

Hydrogen Gains Steam As a Competitive Fuel and Energy

Arlington, VA — Hydrogen is going to play a major role in the clean energy transition, according to Bertrand Piccard, initiator and chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation.

“The hydrogen industry no longer remains a utopian vision of the future. Electric-powered commercial vehicles, such as long-haul trucks, can be refueled with clean hydrogen and driven without CO2 emissions now,” says Piccard, who has been instrumental in the launch of hydrogen-electric mobility in Switzerland. “Refueling is fast; the drive system is 100% electric. The only emissions are in the form of water vapor,” Piccard added during his opening talk at European Hydrogen Week in November. Hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles have already been delivered to Switzerland by Hyundai Motor Co., anticipating that the world’s first mass-produced fuel-cell electric heavy-duty truck, will be available for use in North America by the end of 2021.

Piccard’s Efficient Solutions global portfolio is closing in on 1000 profitable solutions that protect the environment and support a profitable circular economy. Of the 866 worldwide labeled solutions to date, about 20 are focused on hydrogen production, infrastructure, storage and delivery. Five of these hydrogen innovations are based in the USA:

– DCCTM (from Hydrogen Technologies), Stockton, CA
Dynamic Combustion Chamber – hydrogen-powered steam boiler for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), producing heat and water without greenhouse gas emissions

– Eco H2® (from Eco Energy International), Mansfield, OH
converts organic material, such as municipal and agricultural waste, into hydrogen for clean energy

– Hydrogen Electric Powertrain (from ZeroAvia), Hollister, CA
the world’s first practical, zero-emission aviation powertrain powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system that can be installed on both existing and new aircraft

– MRE Hydrogen Generators (from Millennium Reign Energy), Dayton, OH
accelerates deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure through modular generators for residential, small business, telecom and farm applications

– NH2E Natural Hydrogen (from Natural Hydrogen Energy), Denver, CO
taps the geological source of sustainable and non-fossil energy that does not require use of controversial techniques like fracking

One benefit of being accepted into the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solutions portfolio is the opportunity to participate in e-pitches, such as the December 10, 2020 Hydrogen Solutions e-pitch to an international investor audience through Air Liquide, a Solar Impulse partner and world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health.

Hydrogen-fueled trains are now running in Germany and Austria, with plans to expand through Europe. Piccard believes hydrogen-powered airplanes will be a reality by 2035.

“You can produce clean hydrogen fuel wherever there is wind, solar, hydroelectricity, biomass or geothermal. It doesn’t limit production to countries that have a source of dirty energy like fossil fuels,” says Piccard.

Source: Solar Impulse Foundation

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