South Australia Releases its Hydrogen Action Plan

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South Australia Action Plan21
  • South Australia has the wind, sun, land, infrastructure, and skills to be a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier.
  • Hydrogen allows the world to rethink ways to generate and store energy, power transport fleets, and heat homes.

Reduced costs of solar and wind energy generation combined with technological advancements have created a tipping point, where renewable hydrogen is now a viable and much needed carbon-free fuel for our domestic and export markets.

The Council of Australian Governments Energy Council’s National Hydrogen Strategy Working Group has already identified hydrogen as Australia’s next multi-billion export opportunity.

Modelling for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has forecast Australian hydrogen exports could contribute $1.7 billion and 2,800 jobs to the national economy by 2030.

South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan

South Australia Action Plan1

With more than 50 percent of South Australia’s energy mix generated through renewable sources, new interconnection and storage technologies such as hydrogen will support South Australia to become a net 100 percent renewable energy generator during the 2030s.

With more than $7 billion attracted in clean energy generation and storage, international investors already regard South Australia as an attractive investment destination. Through the production of renewable hydrogen, South Australia can help meet the world’s energy demands while reducing emissions at home and abroad.

South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan will enable South Australia to become a national and global force in emission reduction as part of a global clean energy transition.

The Action Plan is a major milestone for the continued development of a significant, clean, safe and economically beneficial hydrogen value chain in South Australia.

Download South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan: 

Online version.

Source: South Australian Govt.

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