South Korea: Consortium Creating a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Cluster in Gyeongsang Province

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June 9, 2020 |

Korean Consortium Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cluster

On the 8th of June, North Gyeongsang Province and Pohang City signed a memorandum of understanding with Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Doosan Fuel Cell, Pohang Techpark, and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, the operator of nuclear power stations, to cooperate in building a hydrogen fuel cell power generation cluster. 

The project will cost 242.7 billion won ($201.6 million) by 2025.

According to the MOU, Hansuwon will create the fuel cell operation technology and maintenance and repair (O&M) technology, and Gyeongbuk and Pohang are in charge of building and permitting hydrogen fuel cell power generation clusters, cooperating with residents, and providing administrative support.

Pohang Techpark is the organizing agency of the construction project, which manages the overall business of the project, Pohang University promotes fuel cell technology support and professional manpower, and Doosan Fuel Cell promotes localization of technology in the field of fuel cell power generation.

“Pohang already has infrastructure such as an industrial complex and research for a fuel cell cluster,” said Lee Cheol-woo, governor of North Gyeongsang Province. “We will work with related companies and institutions to become the center of the hydrogen fuel cell industry.”

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