South Korea: Regulatory Reform Permits Hydrogen Station to be Built at Hwaseong City Hall

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Hwaseong Hydrogen Station

Hwaseong will build a hydrogen fueling station for the first time among local governments in Korea.

The city plans to make public use of the hydrogen stations, which will be built in March next year, for both public and private use. 

Hynet, a special-purpose corporation established by Korea Gas Corporation and Hyundai Motors to establish a hydrogen charging station, will invest a total of KRW 3 billion, including KRW 1.5 billion in equity and KRW 1.5 billion in national expenses.

The city aims to start construction in the second half of this year. The capacity of the charging station is 250kg / day, which can be used to charge about 40-50 vehicles per day based on Nexo, a hydrogen car produced by Hyundai.

Regulatory reform in Hwaseong opened a hydrogen infrastructure by allowing hydrogen stations to be built at 4,000 public buildings nationwide, including government buildings, local governments, and public health centers.

The amendment included the inclusion of a hydrogen fueling station in a public facility that could be used by citizens. It is meaningful that the hydrogen charging station installed in public buildings will be available to citizens in the future. The current law prevented citizens from using hydrogen stations when hydrogen stations were installed as ancillary facilities in public buildings, and the range of convenience facilities in public buildings that citizens can use was limited to canteens and children’s banks.

Lim Taek-jin, Director of the Regulatory Affairs Division of the Regulatory Affairs Office, said, “This case is a very meaningful achievement of local and central governments working together to solve the on-site regulation.” As part of our innovation efforts, we will continue to support the growth of the domestic hydrogen industry through proactive system improvements. ”

Source: HyNet

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