South Korea Telecom Company KT Completes Construction of Fuel Cell Power Generation Facilities

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November 9, 2020 |

KT Fuel Cell Facility

KT has announced that it has set up a 0.9MW class next-generation hydrogen fuel cell (SOFC: solid oxide) at the KT Daegu Logistics Center to promote Intelligent Virtual Power Plant Operator (VPP) and small-scale power brokerage business.

Intelligent virtual power plant operation is a virtual power plant operator (an operator that produces small-scale power using fuel cells) through KT’s own fuel cell management system (FC-EMS: FuelCell-Energy Management System). It is a project that helps people efficiently power generation and operation. The status of power generation and facility operation is monitored in real-time for 24 hours by KT’s integrated energy management platform, KT-MEG (Micro Energy Grid), and services such as data analysis and failure response are supported.

The small-scale power brokerage business is a project in which a brokerage collects electricity of less than 1MW produced from renewable energy sources, energy storage devices, and electric vehicles distributed throughout the country and trade it in the power market. As in the case of this KT Daegu Logistics Center, electricity generated from fuel cell facilities installed in idle spaces is collected and sold to the power exchange.

The power brokerage business is expected to start in the first half of next year as soon as possible after empirical tests in the future.

The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is basically a battery device that produces electricity using natural gas and hydrogen as fuel, rather than to store it. The SOFC power plant needs an energy storage system (ESS) to store electricity. The size of SOFC generators and an ESS is very small so that they can be built into idle spaces in urban areas.

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