South Korea: Vinssen Selected in Developing and Demonstrating Small Ships with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion System in Ulsan

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Vinssen has been selected to carry out the task of ‘Developing and Demonstrating Small Ships with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion System’… Eco-friendly small ship operated by hydrogen on Taehwa River in Ulsan in 2021.

By manufacturing eco-friendly small ships equipped with electric propulsion systems, Vinssen, will be able to demonstrate hydrogen fuel cell ships by next year.

Vinssen recently signed an agreement with the Ministry of SMEs and was selected as the lead agency for the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vessels in the Ulsan Metropolitan City’s Hydrogen Green Mobility Regulatory Free Zone.

Through the ‘Commercialization of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ships’ project, Vinssens will begin to ‘develop and demonstrate eco-friendly small ships with hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems’. In addition to Vinssen, H.L., Panhan Industries, and the Korean Register of Shipping will also participate. Through this, the company plans to actually operate the hydrogen fuel cell ship, verify its performance and safety, and plan to establish certification and safety standards as well as legislation on the standards for the construction of small ships.

The project cost is 4.7 billion won, and the period will be from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021, and hydrogen vessels will operate on the Taehwa River in Ulsan in early 2021. The design and manufacture of the ship is currently underway.

Vinssen, a specialized manufacturer of aluminum small ships that has applied an eco-friendly propulsion system that can replace approximately 60,000 small ships (internal combustion engines) in Korea, demonstrates hydrogen-fuel cell propulsion vessels through this project. It has emerged as a company possessing shipbuilding technology. In the future, Vinssen Co., Ltd. is also investigating to produce a hybrid small ship that combines other energy, such as CNG (compressed natural gas) and electric propulsion systems.

“When we think of eco-friendly cars, we think of eco-friendly vehicles, like Tesla,” said Chilhwan Lee, CEO of Vinssen. “When we think of eco-friendly ships, we will make the name of VINSSEN the world’s first eco-friendly ship company.” Said the goal.


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