Spain: Calvera Making Progress in Hydrogen

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Fuel cells works, Spain: Calvera Making Progress in Hydrogen

Calvera has made real progress with hydrogen in recent months. The company has delivered the first automobile hydrogenerator to 700 bars in the country in Madrid, which it has manufactured entirely in its facilities and has been internationally approved in accordance with the stringent existing regulations, which gives it an enormous projection in the sector.

Calvera StationsThe Calvera Industrial Group has become the first manufacturer of complete hydrogenerators in Spain with real projects already delivered and one of the first in Europe. The company has taken a giant step that represents a technological milestone in Spanish industry by manufacturing and delivering the first car hydrogeneration to 700 bars in Spain, located in Madrid. In addition to carrying out the manufacturing and engineering of this HRS 700 ( Hydrogen Refueling Station ) unit entirely in its facilities , Calvera has differentiated itself by achieving international homologation of this equipment, with one of the most complex standards that exist due to the high technological component and practical knowledge of the hydrogen involved.

In addition to this HRS 700 unit delivered in Madrid for 700-bar vehicles, in recent months the company has delivered four hydrogen refueling equipment for forklifts, one for buses, being the first hydrogeneration for buses in Denmark; and a hydrogeneration plant for mining vehicles in Chile, integrating in this case an electrolyzer and fuel cell to generate electricity from the surpluses. The company is currently developing at its facilities what will be the largest bus hydrogeneration in Spain, which it will deliver at the end of this year. It is also manufacturing the equipment for a 700 bar Hydrogen Generator for the National Hydrogen Center.

Calvera’s high specialization and experience in the design and manufacture of high-pressure hydrogen equipment is the technical guarantee of its hydrogenerators, backed by a history of more than 40 years. And it is that filling vehicles to 700 bars of hydrogen pressure is not an easy task, but the result of many years of work maintaining the highest safety standards. The Calvera team is made up of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and assembly specialists who have carried out the engineering, manufacture and approval of a wide range of hydrogenerators for forklifts, cars, buses, trucks and, soon, also for running trains with fuel cell.

The company currently offers to the market an extensive range of complete hydrogenerators for vehicles, and is preparing for a greater production capacity and development of high-efficiency equipment with guaranteed operation, safety and modularity. To achieve this, Calvera has always relied on companies and institutions in its environment, highlighting its collaborations with the Fundación Hidrogeno Aragón, CLANTECH and CETIL, the latter two also technical participants in the success of the HRS of 700 bars in Madrid, in addition to SCALE GAS and TOYOTA as promoters of the project.

In addition to the hydrogenerators, Calvera offers the necessary equipment to be able to distribute hydrogen from its point of generation to its consumption, with the solution of the virtual gas pipeline or mobile gas pipeline, which also includes its own proposals such as compression systems for filling H2 tank trucks. high pressure or the complete range of these tanks with all the technologies on the market.

In short, it can be said that Calvera has caught the pulse of the hydrogen sector in Spain, with a well-defined differentiation and positioning strategy that has made it the benchmark for hydrogeneration manufacturers, since it is currently the only producer of these equipment of high precision in Spain and therefore it is marking the future of this technology in our country. ”

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