Spain: Mallorca Shipyard to Participate in Green Hydrogen Study

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fuelcellsworks, Spain: Mallorca Shipyard to Participate in Green Hydrogen Study

The nautical industry of Palma de Mallorca could one day become self-sufficient in energy, with zero emissions.

Three Shipyards Taking Part

A study in which Palma de Mallorca is participating, along with Astilleros Freire, Astander and the SOERMAR Technology Centre, will determine whether hydrogen is viable as an efficient producer of electricity for the shipbuilding industry and its immediate environment.

The study being carried out by Soermar TC, which has just received the support of the Industry General Director will analyse the feasibility of implementing the production and storage of “Green Hydrogen” to produce electricity.

At the same time, based on thermal use techniques, they would use the residual heat created as a way to power the shipyards systems and own facilities.

Source: Mallorca Shipyard

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