Spain Set to Become a Major Green Hydrogen Exporter by 2030, Doubling Domestic Production

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  • Enagas CEO Reports Spain’s Potential to Produce 2.5 Million Tonnes of Green Hydrogen Annually by 2030

Spain is poised to become a major player in the green hydrogen sector, with projections indicating that the country can produce around 2.5 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year by 2030, according to Arturo Gonzalo, CEO of Spanish gas grid operator Enagas.

During a conference to disclose the results of a call for interest for projects, Gonzalo revealed that Spain’s expected consumption of green hydrogen would reach 1 million tonnes per year by the end of the decade, indicating a significant surplus for export. Enagas’ 2030 Call For Interest scenario, based on existing mature projects, aligns with the PNIEC and shows a potential for a 23.3 gigawatt electrolysis capacity.

The data, provided by 206 companies with 650 projects, also highlights new areas of production and demand aggregation and a growing interest in ammonia and CO2 infrastructures.

In a related development, Spain is likely to have more than double the green hydrogen production capacity compared to its domestic demand by 2030. Results from Enagás’ call for interest show that 206 companies registered 605 projects, with more than half focusing on production.

Even under a scenario filtering for project maturity, Spain would still produce significantly more hydrogen than it consumes domestically. This surplus points to Spain’s potential as a major exporter of green hydrogen to Europe. Additionally, Spain is expected to become a key gateway for renewable hydrogen from North Africa to Europe, further solidifying its role in the European green hydrogen market.

The development of Spain’s hydrogen pipeline and storage infrastructure, projected to cost €4.9 billion, along with the H2Med pipeline network, reinforces the country’s strategic position in the burgeoning hydrogen economy.



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