Sri Lanka to Buy Hydrogen-Powered and Hybrid Buses from China

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Colombo,(Xinhua/ Sri Lanka is in talks with China to import hybrid buses to upgrade the island’s public transport sector, local media reported Tuesday.

In a recent government survey, it is estimated that by 2030, more than 60 percent of the island’s population will depend on public transport to travel to capital Colombo.

State Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Ashoka Abeysinghe told a media briefing that he was in discussions with Chinese companies, which manufacture hydrogen-powered buses and hybrid buses, and the procurement plan to purchase the buses had been finalized.

The minister said they hope to expedite the process and open the tenders in the coming 28 weeks.

“I went to China a couple of months ago and visited the Chinese companies,” the state minister said.

“We are looking at hybrid buses as we do not have enough charging stations for electric buses,” he added.

Sri Lanka is looking to boost its public transport infrastructure, particularly in Colombo, amid rising tourist numbers and increased road congestion.

NewsIn.Asia adds: The picture at the top shows a Yutong ZK6125FCEVG1 hybrid bus. With the electricity-electricity hybrid power system composed of fuel cells and power batteries, Yutong ZK6125FCEVG1 boasts a fuel cell system with a rated power of 50kW. To avoid the frequent fluctuations of the fuel cell system due to the changing driving conditions, the bus is equipped with power battery system.

Such a combination not only ensures the smooth operation of the fuel cell system, but also help customers cut purchasing costs. Moreover, its strong power and reliable performances are also highly guaranteed. On this vehicle, Yutong also introduces its latest distributed wheel rim driven technology. Thanks to this, the vehicle has significantly improved its power transmission efficiency despite the absence of differentials and other gearing equipment, adds new.

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