State of Baden-Württemberg Funds Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Project with 20 Million Euros

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Fuel Cells Works, Hydrogen, Baden-Württemberg: Call for Funding for the Future Hydrogen Program Starts

The “H2Rivers” project aims to advance hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the country.

The state government is funding the project with around 20 million euros and intends to expand the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region into a nationwide model region for hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

The state government is funding the “H2Rivers” demonstration project in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region as part of the automotive industry strategy dialogue with around 20 million euros. It is intended to advance hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the country and thus raises it to an unprecedented level. The model region had previously emerged as the winner of a national tender, for which the Federal Ministry of Transport also awarded 20 million euros.

“We are very pleased that we can now implement the hydrogen model region because it can make an important contribution to the energy transition and climate protection,” said Environment Minister Franz Untersteller. “The project not only means a unique selling point for Baden-Württemberg with regional attention but also creates a special appeal beyond the state. This project is also registered at the European level. ”

The activities in the model region ranged from the environmentally friendly production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources, through hydrogen storage, distribution and infrastructure, to diverse applications in the mobile sector, emphasized Environment Minister Untersteller. “Especially as a fuel for buses, lorries (trucks), ships and heavy commercial vehicles, green hydrogen can hope for a breakthrough in practical applications and thus become visible and tangible to the general public.”

As part of the Baden-Württemberg, automotive industry strategy dialogue supports the state government with the research project “HyFab Baden-Württemberg – Research Factory for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen”Projects by science, industry, and politics to help fuel cell products reach series maturity. “Through the research project, we hope to gain important insights for the mobility transition and securing the competitiveness of the local automotive industry,” emphasized Franz Untersteller.


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