Switzerland: New Company Founded to Produce Hydrogen

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Osterwalder H2
  • SAK and AVIA Osterwalder start hydrogen production Ostschweiz AG

The Osterwalder St.Gallen AG (AVIA Osterwalder) and the St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG (SAK) have jointly founded the hydrogen production Ostschweiz AG with the purpose to produce green hydrogen based on renewable energies. 

In the next step, the companies will submit their application for the realization of the hydrogen production plant at the St.Gallen-Kubel site.

The founding of the hydrogen production Ostschweiz AG makes it clear: AVIA Osterwalder and the SAK will invest together in hydrogen as renewable and clean energy for innovative mobility solutions. The plan is to build a production facility at the Kubel an der Sitter location, where SAK operates the water and storage power station of the same name (Fig.). The location is only a few kilometers away from the hydrogen refueling station on Oberstrasse planned by AVIA Osterwalder.

Kubel Sak Hydrogen

Exclusively renewable energy sources
The benefits of hydrogen (H2) as an energy source for mobility solutions are pleasing. In a few minutes, a vehicle is fueled, as emission only water vapor and range and performance are comparable to vehicles with conventional fuel drives. The H2 produced at the Kubel site is produced exclusively from renewable energy sources. For the initiators it is clear: H2 offers enormous potential in the area of ​​mobility for the implementation of the climate goals.

H2 mobility solutions on the verge of a breakthrough
The demand for a nationwide H2 service station offer is unbroken. This is evidenced by recent initiatives, such as the ambitious Hyundai project. Together with Opfiker H2-Energy AG, the Koreans are preparing the world’s first fleet of over 1,600 fuel cell commercial vehicles exclusively for Switzerland. The introduction has already been initiated and is expected to last until 2025. The establishment of local H2 production facilities and a nationwide network of H2 filling stations is crucial for the success of a functioning and emission-free market.

Groundbreaking ceremony in Spring 2020
As with all construction projects of AVIA Osterwalder and SAK, sustainability plays a decisive role. Soon the application will be submitted. If there are no objections to the project, construction work is expected to start in spring 2020 after completion of the planning. AVIA Osterwalder and SAK inform in detail about the specific project after receiving the permit.

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