Symbio Equips PSA Group’s First Hydrogen-Powered Utility Vehicles

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On the occasion of the announcement of the government’s hydrogen plan on September 8, Groupe PSA, the leader in commercial vehicles in Europe, announced the launch of a fleet of hydrogen vehicles in 2021 for professional customers, the first step in ” a wider deployment of this zero-emission solution.

By equipping the first 100 vehicles in this fleet, Symbio – a subsidiary of the Faurecia and Michelin groups – is demonstrating its ability to adapt its standard hydrogen systems (StackPack®) to the specific requirements of its customers. The company also confirms its position as the European leader in hydrogen systems for light commercial vehicles, the first accessible market for hydrogen mobility.

Three models equipped by Symbio. Strongly involved in the electrification of its ranges, Groupe PSA will launch a fleet of hydrogen vehicles in 2021, intended for a selection of professional customers. The first 100 vehicles (Peugeot Expert, Citroën Jumpy and Opel Vivaro models) will be equipped with hydrogen systems by Symbio, a subsidiary of the Michelin and Faurecia Groups. “Because it is not a question of making yet another demonstration fleet, our respective teams work together with the constant concern of finding technical solutions which will allow the PSA Group to consider a wider deployment of the hydrogen solution” explains Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio. In order to develop this project in collaboration with a French industrial ecosystem, the PSA Group has also decided to equip these vehicles with tanks developed by Faurecia.

A hydrogen system adapted to the requirements of Groupe PSA. If the basis of the supplied product is the StackPack®M from Symbio, the equipment manufacturer, has been able to adapt it to meet the requirements of Groupe PSA. “In this still new market where volumes by segment are still reduced, hydrogen system equipment suppliers must both standardize their products to reduce costs, and be able to customize them to meet the specific characteristics of their customers,” explains Philippe Rosier. Thanks to the expertise acquired in integration, Symbio demonstrates its ability to combine these two imperatives through the PSA project ”.

Symbio, leader in the Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) segment. By equipping both the Renault KANGOO ZE Hydrogen, MASTER ZE Hydrogen, and the first utility vehicles of the PSA Group – each range intended for particular use – Symbio is establishing itself as the leading supplier of hydrogen systems for light commercial vehicles. in Europe. This is the first segment accessible to hydrogen mobility: nearly 300 Renault Kangoo ZE Hydrogen are already in circulation in France and Europe. Hydrogen LCVs, which also allow some professionals to drive in Zero-emission in the heart of cities by being charged quickly (the “full hydrogen” is done in 3-5 minutes) and without constraint related to autonomy ( doubled compared to that of battery-only vehicles), are also a key segment of the French hydrogen strategy, announced on September 8.

About Symbio
Equally owned by Faurecia and Michelin, Symbio designs, manufactures and markets hydrogen systems for light and commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, as well as for various formats of electric vehicles.
With unique expertise and a priority given to the implementation of automotive production standards, the company aims to become a world leader in hydrogen mobility. Symbio has been working for more than ten years on hydrogen technology and its integration into vehicles: those it has equipped have traveled more than three million kilometers in 2020. It also aims to produce 200,000 StackPack® – its systems pre-validated and pre-integrated hydrogen – per year in 2030, intended for manufacturers around the world.

The company is thus participating in the acceleration of the deployment of hydrogen mobility, zero-emission by nature and not very restrictive in terms of recharging time and autonomy for end users.


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