TCP provide Essex Highways with environmentally friendly equipment powered by hydrogen

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In an innovative first for the county, Essex Highways has installed TCP’s cutting-edge Ecolite TH200 lighting tower, powered by hydrogen, at its Heybridge storage depot.

The Heybridge depot is close to residential areas and Essex Highways did not want to cause any issues to nearby neighbours through unnecessary noise or powerful light emissions.

TCP’s award-winning portable lighting tower and power pack, powered by BOC’s HYMERA fuel cell, uses a chemical reaction to produce clean energy with water vapour as the only by-product. In a world-first, it combines a fuel cell with low-energy LED light masts to provide carbon-free lighting at the point of delivery.

Bottled hydrogen poses no ground spill risk, is silent operation, zero emissions at source and special low-impact lighting means that the Ecolite TH200 meets increasingly strict construction rules. The use of Prismatic Lens Technology lamps provides better quality, evenly-spread light with no flicker and reduced glare, making them perfect for the prevention of light pollution in the urban environment and in environmentally sensitive areas.

TCP’s Managing Director, Andrew Barker said, “I’m really pleased that we could assist Essex Highways with our revolutionary Ecolite TH200 hydrogen fuel cell lighting towers. TCPs clean, green, sustainable solutions are fast becoming first choice for sectors such as construction, railway and events. For both batteries and hydrogen, the greener the energy source, the better for the environment.”

Simon Butt, Essex Highways Operations Director, said: “Our organisation strives to harness innovation, particularly where there is an environmental benefit. As a company, we have trialled these lights operationally in London and realised that the ecological benefits and low cost of use made them perfect for a variety of purposes. They fit with our ethos of providing maximum benefit to our customers for minimum cost through using advances in technology and efficient working practices wherever possible.”


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