The First Hydrogen Generator in a Logistics Warehouse in Spain Is Inaugurated in Illescas

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Fuel Cells Works, The First Hydrogen Generator in a Logistics Warehouse in Spain Is Inaugurated in Illescas
  • FM Logistic becomes the first company to have a service station ready to refuel hydrogen vehicles

The logistics operator FM Logistic has inaugurated the first hydrogen generator in the logistics sector in Spain. Located in its logistics center in Illescas , Toledo, this facility will be able to dispense up to 45 kilograms per week of green hydrogen.

In principle, it will dispense green hydrogen to a van intended for urban logistics and to the forklifts of this warehouse. These are the first forklifts for moving goods that have been transformed to be fueled with hydrogen.

FM Logistic thus becomes the first logistics company in Spain to use green hydrogen in an integrated project because, in addition to having a hydro generator to supply its internal vehicles, it obtains the energy necessary to carry out electrolysis through photovoltaic energy from solar panels. available on the decks of its warehouse in Illescas.

In this way, only oxygen is expelled into the environment.

FM Logistic will supply your hydro generator with the same mains water that supplies your warehouse. The quantities of water used are not significant and, furthermore, a part is reused for irrigation and the rest is returned to the atmosphere in the form of vapour, so the water cycle is not altered at all.

The inauguration ceremony of the hydrogen plant was attended by the Minister of Economy, Business and Employment of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, Patricia Franco; the mayor of Illescas, Jose Manuel Tofiño; the General Director of Energy Transition of the Government of Castilla La Mancha, Manuel Guirao; the head of the Mining Service of the Government of Castilla La Mancha, Javier de la Villa; Paloma Calzas and Santiago Marcos, Energy, Manufacturing and Transport Technologies of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the general director of FM Logistic Ibérica, Pablo Gómez.

They all attended an on-site refueling of a forklift and learned about the FM Logistic van for urban logistics that is being converted to hydrogen and a hydrogen vehicle of the Toyota Mirai brand, donated by the Toyota group, a “neighboring” company and provider of FM Logistic in Illescas.

Fuel Cells Works, The First Hydrogen Generator in a Logistics Warehouse in Spain Is Inaugurated in Illescas

Pallet truck loaded in the hydrogenera – JCCM

The hydrogenerator compresses the hydrogen at 500 bars and dispenses it at 350. The nominal production of the hydrogenerator (that is, production with operation at 100% all year round) is 2,430 kilograms of H2, of 99.999% purity.

This production capacity is equivalent to the consumption of 18 pallet trucks or similar, with operation 12 hours per day or 130,000 kilometers per year of vans of 3.5 tons MMA; or combination of the above.

Hydrogenera has three tanks for hydrogen storage. Up to 11 kilograms of hydrogen are stored in each tank at a nominal pressure of 500 bar. As the Illescas hydroelectric plant has 3 equal tanks, its capacity is 33 kilograms at 500 bar.

H2Login, name of the global project, has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (Feder), through the Center for Industrial Technical Development (CDTI).

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