The First Hydrogen Trucks Are Rolling in Europe

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Fuel Cells Works, The First Hydrogen Trucks Are Rolling in Europe

The first fuel cell trucks made their first kilometers in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Only Hyundai and Hyzon now produce hydrogen trucks in series. eMAG TRANSPORT is devoting a dossier to hydrogen trucks. Extracts.

The first 10 Hyundai fuel cell trucks were delivered to Switzerland a year ago, also marking the South Korean’s entry into the European market. The Xcient is the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric truck. The combination of the 190 kW hydrogen fuel cell system with two 95 kW fuel cell cells and seven 32 kg hydrogen tanks produces a range of approximately 400 kilometres and an average refuelling time of 15 minutes.

The American Hyzon Motors also did not wait to market its hydrogen heavyweight in Europe. The first truck crossed the Netherlands 4 months ago for the first time. Hyzon has joined the European consortium of companies, Hydrogen Europ, which plans to set up 100,000 hydrogen trucks by 2030, and which already includes Air Liquide, and DATS 24. Hyzon has committed to supplying 1,000 hydrogen trucks and 25 refueling stations by 2025.

To develop hydrogen in Europe, Hyzon and TotalEnergies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that aims to facilitate the transition of fleet owners to hydrogen and accelerate the adoption of the technology. It also concerns the field of infrastructure and the deployment of hydrogen trucks. By 2023, Hyzon will supply 80 fuel cell trucks for TotalEnergies’ French customers.

Liquid hydrogen

The historical manufacturers are for the moment in the testing and communication phase. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is preparing its GenH2 Truck, which will offer a range of 1,000 kilometres. It is expected in 2027. The manufacturer has chosen the use of liquid hydrogen, whose energy density is much higher than that of hydrogen in gaseous form.

After intensive testing of the advanced prototype conducted by Mercedes-Benz Trucks since April, the first road tests should start before the end of the year. Customer trials are scheduled for 2023 and, from 2027, the first mass-produced GenH2 Trucks will be delivered to customers.

To further develop this technology, Daimler Truck AG created the “cellcentric” joint venture with the Volvo Group in March. Cellcentric’s ambition is to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fuel cell systems. The company therefore plans to establish one of the largest mass production operations of fuel cell systems in Europe..

Production is scheduled to start in 2025. For fuel cell trucks, a collaboration agreement was concluded by Daimler Truck AG with Shell New Energies NL B.V. (Shell) in May. The two partners plan to set up an infrastructure of hydrogen stations and launch fuel cell trucks across Europe.

Source: TRM 24

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