The Netherlands has Added Two Hydrogen Stations

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Fuel Cells Works, The Netherlands has Added Two Hydrogen Stations

The Netherlands has added two hydrogen filling points. From now on, drivers of a hydrogen car can also contact Green Planet in Pesse (Drenthe) and Shell Westpoort in Amsterdam. The network is quickly expanded by various partners to around twenty hydrogen stations.

Jeanine Bakx, General Manager Mobility Benelux & France for Shell is pleased with the expansion of the network: “But we are not there yet. To be able to drive really comfortably in a hydrogen car, our customers need even more filling points. We are working hard on this, together with partners within the H2Benelux consortium and other colleagues in the sector. Shell has now completed three hydrogen stations in the Netherlands, but we would like to build more.”

A hydrogen car is in fact also an electric car. A hydrogen car can fully refuel in the time of a normal refueling stop (3 to 5 minutes) and then drive about 500 to 600 kilometers again. The car contains a so-called fuel cell that converts the hydrogen gas into electricity that drives the electric motor. All that leaves the car are tiny water droplets.

Shell wants to promote hydrogen driving together with partners. Jeanine Bakx: “We are still faced with the well-known chicken-egg dilemma. On the one hand, there are still few consumers with a hydrogen car, because they still have limited options for refueling with hydrogen. On the other hand, there is little incentive to invest in hydrogen stations if there are few hydrogen cars on the road. Shell wants to break through this dilemma.”


H2Benelux is a consortium consisting of Colruyt Group, Total Energies, Shell, Rijkswaterstaat and WaterstofNet. The consortium aims to build eight hydrogen filling points in the Benelux to stimulate transport on hydrogen. It also aims to test 80 hydrogen vehicles in daily use. H2Benelux is co-financed by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility and has DKTi co-funding from RVO. The hydrogen filling point at Shell Westpoort and Den Ruygenhoek were realized as part of H2Benelux.



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