The UK and India Join Forces to Develop Hydrogen

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Fuel cells works, The UK and India Join Forces to Develop Hydrogen

India will strengthen its collaboration with the UK in climate change in order to meet its aim, including the production of hydrogen from renewable sources, of lowering carbon emissions by the end of the decade.

If they cooperate together on green hydrogen, it will be of benefit to both countries. They will each benefit from the other’s expertise with carbon-neutral fuels, regulatory and policy cooperation, and R&D innovation.

Greater knowledge of the hydrogen industry would allow both nations to encourage innovative technology, legislation, and investment that can grow the hydrogen industry and infrastructure.

The alliance will also investigate cost-effective solutions to climate change in the fields of clean energy, renewable transportation, and e-mobility as well as sustainable financing and industrial decarbonization. It’s expected that a number of hydrogen-based technologies will be explored, including fuel cell vehicles.

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