“There is Potential in Colombia to Develop a Green Hydrogen Economy and Export it”

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There is Potential in Colombia to Develop a Green Hydrogen Economy and Export it

The ambassador of the United Kingdom, George Hodgson, explained that Colombia is part of a fund supported by his country with more than US$6,200 million for new energies.

At the end of the first quarter, Colombia reached 28 hydrogen projects under development, which puts pressure on the theory of the potential for its export. The vast majority of the plans are in the Caribbean region, with 16 initiatives.

The United Kingdom’s ambassador in Bogota, George Hodgson, will next week be at the Colombia Sustainable Investment Roadshow, a forum in London that will seek to put the country as a hub for green investments, and that includes what he calls, “exploiting the potential in offshore wind energy and hydrogen.”

Where do English companies see potential when investing in Colombia?

We are very complementary economies. Colombia is in the process of renewing its infrastructure, of looking for new sources of energy, and if I look at my country, in the United Kingdom, we have expertise, for example, in the offshore wind energy sector; that’s a big bet here in Colombia.

We have a lot of experience in rail infrastructure, for example, and other types of urban renewal. So, I think the UK has a lot to offer in terms of expertise, but also in terms of finances.

We have an instrument called UK Export Finance, which can be used when a project has a UK content of at least 20%. And there are many projects in this country with this potential. So, we’d like to see more utilization of this very important vehicle. We’d like to see more utilization of this important vehicle, which already has $5 billion ($6.217 billion) there.

Which projects have that potential?

There are several solar projects of different sizes in the country, funded by or provided by British companies. The great opportunities that we see in the medium term, and I’m talking about 10 years from now, are in the offshore wind energy sector and in hydrogen.

In the UK, we are developing a hydrogen economy. There is potential here in Colombia, not only to do the same, but also, over time, to export green hydrogen. And Colombia must enter the international market for this product, thanks to its strategic location. In this source, which is offshore wind energy, Colombia has great advantages that must be explored and exploited.

Is the potential we have being tapped?

These are structural projects for the country and need a lot of preparation. But the UK funded, for example, the roadmap for the development of the offshore energy sector in Colombia, based on our experience. Same for hydrogen.



  • Alex Halvin Hydrogen Project Analyst

“Non-traditional energies are advancing, with companies like Ecopetrol alone currently producing 100 kg of green hydrogen every day.”


The Sustainable Investment Roadshow is coming, what investment opportunities do you see?

It is a great opportunity to encourage business and investment, not only British, but international as well, because London serves as a world square.

We see the contribution of British companies to help Colombia, we want to promote the energy transition in this country, in offshore wind energy, hydrogen, etc.

Did investments go up when you took away the visa of Colombians?

Since that happened, we have seen a great positive impact on the relationship between the two countries, as those who want to visit the United Kingdom do so for studies, short-term courses, tourism, and of course, for business.


George Hodgson has been the British ambassador to Colombia since September 2022. He joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2002. He previously worked in Dakar, Washington, Kabul, Islamabad, Brussels and London.

He was responsible for the Enlargement and Wider Europe team; second secretary in Kabul; representative of the United Kingdom to Brussels and the European Union; then he pursued his master’s degree in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University; later he was the first Political Secretary in Islamabad.


Main Image: George Hodgson, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Colombia Photo: Alejandro Lugo/LR


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