Thursday Throwback Spotlight: South Korea to Create Three Hydrogen Cities by 2022

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Fuel cells works, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology Succeeds in Development of Core Material for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

On the 10th of October, The South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism announced the hydrogen pilot city promotion strategy at the National Inspection and Adjustment Conference held by the Prime Minister on the 10th.

“Hydrogen Cities” refers to cities that will use hydrogen as a fuel for major urban functions such as cooling, heating, electricity, and transportation will be created by 2022.

South Korea Hydrogen City Plan 2022The Ministry said that it “will select a city for a pilot hydrogen project to test related technologies in residential and transportation sectors. A total of three test areas – which will each be up to 10 square kilometers inside a city – will be selected in December after fair review based on project proposals from local governments. The ministry will consider factors such as project feasibility, validity, and willingness to promote hydrogen-related policies in the future.”

The ministry said “that joint residential complex and individual buildings in each of the three test cities will use hydrogen as an energy source to power cooling and heating systems and electricity. The process will involve transforming chemical energy released from when oxygen in the air responds to hydrogen charged in a fuel cell.”

Multi-unit housing complexes and individual buildings in the pilot cities will use hydrogen as an energy source for cooling, heating, and electricity. In addition, to build a hydrogen energy-based transportation system, a hydrogen car and hydrogen bus charging station will be installed in a complex transfer center, parking lot, and bus garage in or near the city.

By December of this year, three hydrogen cities will be selected, and three to ten square kilometers of each city with introduce and adopt hydrogen utilization technology in residential and transportation areas and by 2040, 40% of local governments will be hydrogen cities and operate 825,000 hydrogen cars and 12,000 hydrogen buses.

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