Thursday Throwback Story: In Norway Hydrogen Station Nieuwegein Reaches 5000 Refueling Milestone

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Fuel Cells Works, Thursday Throwback Story: In Norway Hydrogen Station Nieuwegein Reaches 5000 Refueling Milestone

Hysolar Greenpoint hydrogen filling station in Nieuwegein has reached 5000 refueling times. An important milestone that shows that hydrogen mobility is growing and that more and more road users see hydrogen as an alternative to battery-electric driving. The zero-emission filling station has now been operational for a year.

Zero-emission energy source

More and more hydrogen drivers are finding their way to the hydrogen filling station on the Morsebaan in Nieuwegein. Hydrogen therefore has the potential to become an important part of the transition to zero-emission driving. Together with battery-electric driving, hydrogen is a zero-emission energy source. 5000 fill-ups is not much for a petrol filling station, but it is for a hydrogen filling station; a great milestone that offers perspective for the future.

More than 60% of the refueling is now for other customers. More and more other companies are therefore participating in the transition to emission-free driving.

Promising percentages

The hydrogen filling station , which has been operational for a year and officially opened in October 2021 , is a collaboration between Aannemingsbedrijf Jos Scholman , Allied Waters , Van Kessel / Greenpoint and Scholt Energy . The first refueling vehicles were from these companies, but what is striking is that more and more other users are finding their way to Nieuwegein. Perry Wens, account manager energy transition at Van Kessel/Greenpoint, states: “ More than 60% of the refueling is now for other customers. We also see this in the payment methods that are used, such as the Multitankcard and Travelcard.More and more other companies are therefore joining the transition to emission-free driving and are finding their way to our filling station. That’s promising! †

From sun to the tank

In short; the parties behind the Greenpoint Hysolar station firmly believe in hydrogen and will continue to develop. The next step for the Hysolar Greenpoint filling station in Nieuwegein will be the local production of green hydrogen. At the moment, the hydrogen is still supplied there by tanker, just like at other filling stations. Perry: “ The plan is to produce hydrogen locally. In 2023, an electrolyser will be commissioned that produces green hydrogen with green electricity from the nearby solar park, which has a capacity of 9 megawatt peak. The electrolyser has a capacity of 2.5 MW and can produce 300 tons of hydrogen annually; enough for 1500passenger cars or 60 public transport buses. With tube trailers, the green hydrogen can also be transported to other filling stations. How beautiful would that be: from sun to tank? 

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