Tokyo Gas Opens its First Hydrogen Station that will use Hydrogen Produced from Carbon-Neutral City Gas Supply

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Tokyo Gas Station 2020 Main

As part of a drive to showcase the nation’s clean energy technology at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. opened the “Tokyo Gas Toyosu Hydrogen Station” jointly constructed with the Japan Hydrogen Station Network LLC and held the ceremony in Tokyo.

Toyosu Station is Japan’s first on-site hydrogen station that can accept large-scale fuel cell buses. It is also Japan’s first hydrogen station that produces hydrogen from carbon-neutral city gas

The “city gas” processed at the station will be carbon neutral, as the supplier of the liquefied natural gas, Royal Dutch Shell, has used carbon dioxide credits to offset emissions generated during exploration and production.

This is the fourth hydrogen station operated by Tokyo Gas, following Nerima, Urawa and Senju.

In Tokyo, the aim to have more than 100 fuel cell buses by 2020, and there is a need to build a hydrogen station compatible with fuel cell buses. To meet these needs, Tokyo Gas has built an on-site Toyosu Station in the Toyosu area, where the development of an attractive city with excellent environmental and disaster prevention properties is progressing and spreads fuel cell mobility, including fuel cell buses. 

In addition, Toyosu Station utilizes the subsidies of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Hydrogen Station Development Project for Promoting the Promotion of Fuel Cell Vehicles” and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Hydrogen Supply Facility Development Project for Fuel Cell Vehicles”.

“Many people from all over the world will come to Tokyo for Olympics and Paralympics and it will be a great opportunity to showcase Japan’s advanced technology, especially in hydrogen,” Takashi Anamizu, executive vice president of Tokyo Gas, said.

Outline of Toyosu Hydrogen Station

name Tokyo Gas Toyosu Hydrogen Station
location 6-5-27 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Site area About 2,000m 2
Hydrogen supply method On-site method
(hydrogen is produced in a hydrogen station from carbon neutral city gas)
Filling capacity 300 nm 3 / H or more (500Nm peak 3 / H or more)
Filling pressure 82MPa
Characteristic Filling capacity for FC bus (Four fuel cell buses can be filled in one hour)
Duplexing of main equipment such as compressor, accumulator, dispenser, etc.
spacer spacer

Flow chart of Toyosu Hydrogen Station

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