Tokyo Tsusho Continues Investing in Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electrolysis Systems

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Fuel cells works, Tokyo Tsusho Continues Investing in Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electrolysis Systems
  • Toyota Tsusho Invests in Enoah, a Company Involved in Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis Systems
  • Contributing to transition into a decarbonized society through renewable energy business expansion

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“Toyota Tsusho”) announced today that in October 2020 it invested in Enoah Inc. (“Enoah”), which is involved in activities such as designing and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysis systems, with the goal of building a renewable energy supply chain that utilizes hydrogen.
Since the Japanese government declared its plan to go carbon neutral by 2050 toward the realization of a green society, the utilization of renewable energy sources, including hydrogen, that do not emit greenhouse gases has been accelerating. Fuel cells are devices that generate electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and a fuel such as hydrogen, and have been gaining attention as an alternative to conventional generators such as diesel-powered generators.

Up until now, Toyota Tsusho has been importing fuel cells made by foreign manufacturers and selling them in Japan. However, as applications for fuel cells have diversified, it has become necessary to customize product specifications according to customers’ usage environments.

Enoah has a solid performance record of many years manufacturing and selling fuel cell test systems. The company is a rare system integrator, capable of customizing the design and assembly of hydrogen fuel cell systems for utilizing renewable energy.

By strengthening collaboration with Enoah through the recent investment and supplying hydrogen fuel cell systems that match customer needs, Toyota Tsusho plans to expand the use of hydrogen fuel cells into areas that have not traditionally used them. In particular, the company plans to promote the utilization of hydrogen fuel cells as both regular and emergency power supply facilities, as part of its smart community business targeting local municipalities.

Toyota Tsusho plans to contribute to the transition into a decarbonized society by expanding its hydrogen renewable energy business.

Overview of Enoah Inc.

Company Name
Enoah Inc.
Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
October 2010
40 million yen
Representative Director: Fumiaki Aono
Business description
Manufacturing and sales of fuel cell test systems, stationary fuel cell power generation systems, water electrolysis systems, etc.

Fuel cell supply chain

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