Torrent Launches Green Hydrogen Blending Pilot in City Gas Distribution Network

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Torrent Gas Pvt Ltd is moving forward in its commitment to sustainable energy, launching a pioneering pilot project focused on the implementation of green hydrogen in its city gas distribution (CGD) network.

  • The pilot project will blend 2.5% GH2, a product of electrolysis of water powered by renewable resources, with the natural gas supply.
  • Project is expected to be completed in eight months.

Taking Strides in Green Hydrogen Utilization

Torrent Gas is taking a significant stride in the adoption of green hydrogen as an energy source, marking a first for India’s CGD sector. The company’s pilot project will explore the potential of blending green hydrogen into the existing natural gas infrastructure, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and paving the way for a more sustainable energy future.

Aligned with India’s National Hydrogen Mission

This initiative aligns seamlessly with the National Hydrogen Mission of India, highlighting Torrent’s commitment to supporting the nation’s move towards a hydrogen economy. This mission underscores the country’s objective to generate hydrogen from green power sources, ultimately enabling a carbon-neutral energy supply chain.

Green Hydrogen – A Gamechanger in Energy Sector

Green hydrogen, produced via electrolysis using renewable energy sources, holds significant promise in the quest for sustainable and carbon-neutral energy solutions. By blending green hydrogen with natural gas in the CGD network, Torrent aims to reduce the carbon intensity of the distributed gas, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

As this pilot project unfolds, Torrent’s work will undoubtedly serve as a critical model for the integration of green hydrogen into India’s existing energy infrastructure, propelling the nation closer to its sustainability and decarbonization goals.

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