Toshiba Delivers Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, “H2Rex™,” to Michinoeki-Namie (Roadside Station Namie)

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Toshiba H2REX for Namie
  • Hydrogen supplied by Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) 

KAWASAKI,JAPAN―Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter “Toshiba ESS”) announced today that pure hydrogen fuel cell system “H2Rex™” has been installed at Michinoeki-Namie (Roadside Station Namie) in Fukushima Prefecture.

H2Rex™ will supply the required electric power and heat simultaneously by using hydrogen supplied by the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R), one of the largest hydrogen energy research facilities in the world, which started operation in July. H2Rex™ will be in operation by around October 2020.

H2Rex™ is a clean energy solution that uses hydrogen as fuel for CO2-free electricity generation and can boot up and start generating electricity in only about five minutes. The H2Rex™ unit that has been installed at Michinoeki-Namie is 3.5kW and generates electricity to power lights and air conditioning for part of the facilities, as well as generates heat to make hot water for hand washing.

Yoshihisa Sanagi,General Manager of the Hydrogen Energy Business Division at Toshiba ESS, said, “It is our great honor to contribute to the formulation of the hydrogen supply chain in Fukushima and we will commit to continuous efforts for the realization of a hydrogen society through developments in wide areas of hydrogen technology, from its generation to utilization.”

Toshiba ESS is carrying out verification tests at FH2R with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., and Iwatani Corporation. This time, hydrogen produced at FH2R is filled into hydrogen bundles and transported to Michinoeki-Namie, which is located less than a 10 minutes’ drive from FH2R.

Namie-town is planning to use Michinoeki-Namie as its base for energy management to realize the reconstruction of the city, and H2Rex™ is going to be utilized as part of this plan. This is the third example in Fukushima Prefecture, following Azuma Sports Park and J-Village National Training Center, of the establishment of a supply chain to “produce,” “store and transport,” and “use” the hydrogen produced at FH2R, and it will be able to supply electricity and heat by using hydrogen from a renewable energy source.

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