Toyota Offering $40,000 Off Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs

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Toyota Offering 40000 Off Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs

Toyota is offering its biggest discount yet on the hydrogen-powered Mirai. According to a bulletin sent to dealers today, the 2023 Toyota Mirai now features a rebate worth up to $40,000 off MSRP. With a roughly 60% discount off MSRP, there’s a good chance that a new Toyota Mirai could be cheaper to buy than a Corolla.

Starting today, 2023 Toyota Mirai Limited models offer $40,000 in APR Subvention Cash, a rebate when you qualify for promotional financing. The car has a sticker price of $67,095, making this a 60% discount off MSRP and potentially bringing the price down to just $27,095. That’s less than a well-equipped Toyota Corolla.

Earlier this month, the hydrogen fuel-cell car’s biggest discount was worth $30,000 off MSRP, making it one of the best green car deals. Interestingly, the discount on the less-expensive XLE trim remains at $22,000. As before, all versions of the Mirai are also eligible for 0% APR for up to 72 months with Toyota Financial.

Toyota says that the Mirai has a range of up to 402 miles and can refuel in as little as 5 minutes. In theory, that gives the car a major advantage over battery electric vehicles. However, the Mirai is only sold in California at a handful of dealerships. The hydrogen refueling network also has far fewer options than normal EVs.

The biggest limitation for shoppers may be availability. Inventory data only shows around two dozen Limited models left in stock. Even if you can manage to find the one you want, you’ll probably want to consider buying rather than leasing one. That’s because Toyota is offering just $7,500 in lease cash on the Mirai Limited.

Toyota also offers a $15,000 hydrogen fuel card with the Mirai. If you can manage to get the Mirai down to $30,000, we estimate that the value of the 0% financing incentive could be worth over $6,800 when compared to a loan at 7% APR. With some creative math, that could equate to over $60,000 worth of incentives.

Is Toyota basically giving away the Mirai? That might be a bit of a stretch. Having said that, the Mirai has always relied on generous incentives. Based on our records, the largest rebate ever was worth $32,000 off the previous Mirai generation. As it stands, this is the biggest single discount on any car right now.


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