Transporting Students With Hydrogen Cars In Veenendaal And Rhenen

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Students in Hydrogen Cars

In Veenendaal and Rhenen, hydrogen cars have recently been used to transport pupils. This means that the municipalities have a national novelty, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe and the world.

Arnhem–Alderman for sustainability Marco Verloop (Veenendaal) and alderman for education and mobility Hans Boerkamp (Rhenen) are enthusiastic that Noot Personengebruik offers this option.

Alderman Marco Verloop explains: “Noot offers us a unique opportunity to lead the way in the national development of transport. As a municipality of Veenendaal, we think it is important that more and more clean and sustainable vehicles are driving in Veenendaal. Driving hydrogen is the future. This really is an asset to our municipality and contributes to our ambition to be energy neutral as Veenendaal by 2035. ”

Alderman Hans Boerkamp from Rhenen is also proud that the first hydrogen car for student transport runs in Rhenen: “We think it is important that Noot Personengebruik invests in sustainable transport in this way. In Rhenen, we adopted the Energy Transition Roadmap 2040 this week. More emission-free vehicles is an important spearhead. The fact that this Noot car is now driving fits in perfectly with that. ”

Student Sjoerd van der Wilt from Veenendaal is happy with the new car. He is one of the students who is brought to his school in Arnhem by hydrogen car. “I like to go to school with a hydrogen car. The car is very spacious and runs very quietly! ”

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Sustainable driving

Driving on hydrogen makes it possible to drive CO2 and energy neutral. These cars do not emit carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides or particulate matter. Water is the only residual product. And it is even quieter too. In the Netherlands, a few hundred cars currently run on hydrogen.

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