Trelleborg Introduces Advanced Hydrogen Sealing Solutions, H2Pro Range

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Swedish precision seals and bearings innovator, Trelleborg, has recently introduced its ground-breaking H2Pro range, a collection of advanced hydrogen sealing materials.

Given the rising prominence of hydrogen as a fuel source and energy storage medium in the shift towards a carbon-neutral world, Trelleborg’s new materials aim to tackle the obstacles linked with hydrogen sealing and storage.

Hydrogen, due to its distinct characteristics, presents issues such as permeation, leakage, and rapid gas decompression (RGD). These challenges stem from hydrogen’s compact molecular structure and its ability to penetrate seals, leading to potential blistering and cracking during sudden pressure drops. Acknowledging these difficulties, Trelleborg has engineered specialized materials to support diverse sectors involved in hydrogen, including energy generation, aerospace, off-highway, transportation, and marine.

The H2Pro series features EBT25 EPDM and Zurcon H2Pro ZLT TPU materials. The EBT25 EPDM is tailored to withstand high-pressure environments at raised temperatures, while the Zurcon H2Pro ZLT TPU is designed for extremely low temperatures. These materials demonstrate superior resistance to permeation and rapid gas decompression, making them ideal for sealing hydrogen in demanding circumstances.

James Simpson, Global Segment Director Energy at Trelleborg, stresses the pivotal role of hydrogen in achieving a carbon-neutral future. As a recognized industry leader in polymer and elastomer solutions, Trelleborg is committed to delivering application-specific solutions to cater to the diverse sealing requirements of various hydrogen-related enterprises.

Trelleborg employs sophisticated testing rigs to validate the reliability and performance of their sealing materials, evaluating aspects like oxygen and ozone aging, hydrogen compatibility, leakage, permeation, and resistance to rapid gas decompression. Adherence to international standards is also a central concern.

The Zurcon H2Pro ZLT can be manufactured as O-Rings for static sealing on diverse equipment, including valves, filters, refueling nozzles, pumps, connectors, and fittings. Likewise, U-Cups made from Zurcon H2Pro ZLT can be utilized in both static and dynamic applications such as valve stems, actuators, and regulators. The H2Pro EBT25 is apt for fabricating O-Rings for static sealing and custom molded parts and frame seals for fuel cells and electrolysis equipment.

Trelleborg’s launch of the H2Pro range marks a significant leap in hydrogen sealing technology, addressing key challenges in the broad adoption of hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution. As the global shift towards a carbon-neutral future continues, these advanced materials hold the potential to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and safety of hydrogen-oriented applications across a variety of industries.


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