Limitless Green Hydrogen at the Frontier of New Electrolyser Partnership

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Fuel Cells Works, Limitless Green Hydrogen at the Frontier of New Electrolyser Partnership

TTP to develop a new and highly efficient electrolyser demonstrator for generating hydrogen from wind.

Green Hydrogen start-up PlusZero has today commenced Step Change – a project with TTP to develop a highly efficient electrolyser, with the aim of producing limitless Green Hydrogen.

PlusZero creates portable, zero-carbon generators that are powered by Green Hydrogen produced from its own electrolyser asset in Scotland’s Western Isles, utilising surplus onshore renewable electricity generated there. PlusZero is supported in this by Logan Energy.

In 2024, PlusZero plans to significantly expand its electrolyser facility in the Western Isles, becoming a major player in UK Green Hydrogen production.

The Step Change Memorandum of Understanding, signed today (11 May) at the All-Energy Conference taking place in Glasgow, signals the start of a research and development phase between the two companies to deliver a new generation demonstrator electrolyser that addresses current scalability challenges in the Green Hydrogen sector.

TTP, one of Europe’s leading technology and product development companies, has used its deep-tech expertise, the results of which will now be demonstrated as part of its broader offering in sustainable technologies. Not only will TTP’s electrolyser excel at efficient hydrogen generation, but it has been designed to be low in cost and suitable for mass production to address the worldwide bottleneck in electrolyser availability.

“At PlusZero, our mission is to supply near limitless Green Hydrogen – displacing traditional fuel sources that emit harmful greenhouse gases.

We believe it is not unrealistic to suggest that the UK Hydrogen Strategy target of 10GW low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030 could be met by Scottish Green Hydrogen alone. However, limited Green Hydrogen production capacity has created a massive scalability challenge.

We want to change that, and through this exciting partnership with TTP, we believe that we can. Step Change is a ground-breaking project that will aim to strip inefficiencies and costs out of Green Hydrogen production, and provide a genuine solution to what is currently an industry problem.”

“PlusZero are working with some of the most experienced and creative people in the Green Hydrogen sector to make hydrogen happen. Together with TTP, we hope to demonstrate that a rapid transition to a clean energy future is within grasp”.

David Amos, Managing Director at PlusZero

“In line with climate change targets, the production of Green Hydrogen needs to ramp up rapidly. TTP has taken a core technology that can be low in cost and work efficiently when coupled to fluctuating renewable power, and applied innovative design approaches to create a new electrolyser that will be suitable for mass production.”

“The Step Change partnership with PlusZero provides an ideal testbed as our technology emerges from the lab. Testing in the context of PlusZero’s ongoing operations in the Western Isles will ensure that the electrolyser integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure to enable efficient and reliable hydrogen generation and support the adoption of Green Hydrogen”.

Charles Cooke, TTP’s Sustainable Energy Technology Lead

Eventually, this will mean widely distributed Green Hydrogen generation wherever there are surpluses in renewable electricity from the wind or the sun.

About PlusZero

PlusZero is transforming the clean energy sector – the driver for new economic growth worldwide. Its Green Hydrogen from the Western Isles provides a carbon-zero, pollution-free source of fuel for the 21st century.

PlusZero uses surplus electricity produced by local renewable wind power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a process called electrolysis. This captures renewable energy that would otherwise be lost (as the sun doesn’t always shine or wind always blow). PlusZero therefore unlocks the full promise of renewable energy.

PlusZero then uses this Green Hydrogen to fuel hydrogen combustion engines, giving customers clean power wherever they need it. PlusZero has been powering outdoor events since early 2021, and is increasing its hydrogen generator range to meet the varied demand for clean portable power in the events, outdoor filming, construction and industrial sectors.

The company’s expert team and extensive networks of hydrogen & engineering specialists give it unparalleled insight into fast-evolving hydrogen technologies. Collaboration is central to PlusZero’s strategic approach. It works together with public sector, community, and business partners in the Western Isles, the UK, and beyond to secure direct community and environmental benefits – above all, clean energy.

PlusZero – a community-based solution with a global footprint.

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