TÜV SÜD Becomes a Member of an International Consortium for the Development of Cutting-Edge Technologies for Green Hydrogen

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fuelcellsworks, TÜV SÜD Becomes a Member of an International Consortium for the Development of Cutting-Edge Technologies for Green Hydrogen

The H24All project, led by a consortium of fifteen partners, has submitted an application for financing the first 100 MW alkaline electrolysis system in Europe under the European Commission’s Green Deal.

The plant is to be built at one of the industrial sites of the energy company Repsol.

The consortium aims to pioneer a new and competitive hydrogen industry based on European knowledge and innovation. To this end, the consortium is planning to build and operate a high-pressure system with a capacity of 100 MW for alkaline electrolysis. The facility is intended to provide evidence of the sustainability of this technology. The technology is to be presented in real operation and meet the requirements of the market for competitive, low-carbon hydrogen production.

The consortium partners from six different countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain and Turkey) represent the entire hydrogen value chain. Research institutions, material suppliers, engineering companies specializing in electrolysers, electricity-intensive industries, energy and vehicle companies, universities and industrial associations are represented. All members of the consortium have a high level of specialist knowledge in this area, are safety-oriented and want to reduce CO2 emissions.

The partners in the H24All project want to bring together various innovative solutions in order to advance hydrogen technology together and in record time. This is intended to improve the competitiveness and feasibility of the electrolyser while at the same time reducing the required investments and operating costs. The project under the Green Deal for Europe aims to promote the technology and use of green hydrogen by reducing the cost of hydrogen from renewable energies to around 3 euros / kg H2.

The project is intended to serve as a reference for the validation of an innovative and competitive technology on a pre-commercial scale. The economic case and scenario for the business modeling include quantitative evidence that will reduce the risk in other hydrogen infrastructure applications in Europe. With regard to the overall project duration, the consortium assumes three years for research, development and construction, followed by a two-year demonstration and validation phase.

The H24All project is intended to take the development of technology for green hydrogen a big step forward and also have positive effects on other industries, such as mobility, refinery technology, the production of synthetic fuels and the generation of electricity from renewable energies.

With more than 25,000 employees at over 1,000 locations in around 50 countries, TÜV SÜD ensures the optimization of technology, systems and know-how. The company makes a significant contribution to making technical innovations such as Industry 4.0, autonomous driving and renewable energies safe and reliable. As a service provider for safe hydrogen technologies and applications, TÜV SÜD has a comprehensive network of experts and technical test facilities in Germany, the European Union and other relevant countries such as the USA, China and Japan. Further information is available at

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