U.S. DOE: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Week Kicks Off Today

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October 7, 2019 |

DOE Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day

Representing hydrogen’s atomic weight of 1.008, National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day is Tuesday, October 8. DOE and stakeholders worldwide will be commemorating this day with various activities and outreach events throughout the week. Here are some ways you can spread awareness:

  • Get active on social media using #FuelCellsNow and #HydrogenNow.
  • Share the knowledge by giving a hydrogen and fuel cell presentation in your community, classroom, or workplace. You can use the Increase Your H2IQ Training Resource to get you started.
  • Encourage our next generation to get into STEM by having them map their hydrogen and fuel cells career using our hydrogen and fuel cells career map!
  • Stay current with any global hydrogen and fuel cell activity happening that day by following @The_IPHE.

Read more about how far hydrogen and fuel cells have come. We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word so that others can learn why hydrogen and fuel cells are important to a more secure, clean, and resilient energy future.

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