UK: BEIS Has Announced £1.1mn for the Development of Hydrogen for Heat Standards

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Fuel Cells Works, UK: BEIS Has Announced £1.1mn for the Development of Hydrogen for Heat Standards

Earlier in June, it issued a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for £1,125,000 of research and evidence gathering in support of the continued development of standards initiated under Hy4Heat, as part of the hydrogen heating programme and Net Zero Innovation Portfolio hydrogen work.

It will see contractors appointed to undertake desk-based research and field work on hydrogen, supporting the development of standards that are needed for repurposing existing gas infrastructure to be used with hydrogen.

A number of research areas have been set out that will support the creation of standards to support hydrogen trials in the UK, with the programme of work consisting of seven “lots”.

Lot 1 relates to the development and trialling of an outline methodology in a test arrangement or test site to include monitoring of gas concentrations, equipment needed, safety measures and time taken, while Lot 2 will address evidence gaps in terms of basic material and component compatibility. Lot 3 will expand on evidence gained from Hy4Heat for end user systems across the full possible range of piped systems converted, Lot 4 is focused on researching the impact and practicability of additional ventilation requirements for hydrogen in the building stock, with Lot 5 to help understand whether pipes would have sufficient capacity with hydrogen.

Lots 6 and 7, meanwhile, will focus on research to consider representative meter housing and location arrangements, and research to consider installation and calibration work for the excess flow valve respectively.

An engagement event is set to be held on 6 July with parties interested in attending invited to e-mail [email protected].

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