UK: ENA Energy Networks Association (ENA) Backing Mandating Hydrogen-Ready Boilers for Homes

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ENA Energy Networks Association ENA Backing Mandating Hydrogen Ready Boilers for Homes

In its recent press release ENA has announced that it is backing the use of hydrogen ready boilers for UK homes.

“We’ve co-signed an open letter to the Prime Minister today with the UK’s leading boiler manufacturers, calling for hydrogen-ready boilers to be mandated in our homes from 2025.”

Our Head of Gas, Matt Hindle, explains more.

So, what would this mean?

A ‘hydrogen-ready’ boiler is what it says on the tin. It is a gas boiler that can be used just like the boiler most of us already have at home, but is ready to be converted to run on 100% hydrogen.

The boiler looks and feels like a ‘normal’ gas boiler, will cost about the same amount to install and is fitted in exactly the same way too, to your existing central heating system. Once the amount of hydrogen in your local gas grid reaches a certain level, then it will be ‘converted’ by a boiler fitter, which takes about an hour to do.

You can learn more about what hydrogen will look like in your home from the infographic

Gas Goes Green

Why is that important?

The carbon emissions from our homes need to reduce by about 95% in the next thirty years, in fact. The fossil-fuel natural gas that 85% of our homes use for our heating, hot water and cooking is a big source of those emissions. We’re making the changes to Britain’s gas grid that are needed to help do that, and you can find out more about our Gas Goes Green programme here.

We think the principle of consumer choice is really important because different types of homes in a variety of different settings, need to be able to install different types of convential gas boiler replacements – whether they be hydrogen-ready boilers, heat pumps or innovative hybrid heating solutions that bring the two together.

How will changing the law help with that?

First, because we’re all going to have to away switch from fossil gas for our heating to either hydrogen or electricity in the coming years. Mandating hydrogen-ready boilers will make that change smoother, and ensure that households do not spend money on conventional gas boilers which then have to be replaced in a relatively short period of time afterwards.

Second, it provides a clear signal to boiler manufacturers to invest in developing the widest possible range of hydrogen-ready products for households to choose from.

About Energy Networks Association

We’re the industry body for the energy networks. Our members own and operate the wires and pipes which carry electricity and gas into your community, supporting our economy. The wires and pipes are the arteries of our economy, delivering energy to over 30 million homes and businesses across the UK and Ireland. To do this safely and reliably, the businesses which run the networks employ 45,000 people and have spent and invested over £60 billion in the last eight years.

Learn more about how the energy networks operate


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