UK Government Announces Launch of the Hydrogen Advisory Council

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In its efforts to develop and hydrogen and decarbonization strategy for the UK,  the Government launched a new Hydrogen Advisory Council.

The purpose of the Hydrogen Advisory Council is to inform the development of hydrogen as a strategic decarbonized energy carrier for the UK.

Through the Hydrogen Advisory Council, the government and industry will work together to identify and promote concrete actions required to enable the supply of low carbon hydrogen at scale for use across the energy system, addressing near-term challenges and maximizing opportunities for UK business in this rapidly growing area.

Role of the Council

The Council will be the primary forum for BEIS ministerial engagement with representatives from the hydrogen sector. The Council will consider the relationship between production and end-use, including strategic considerations for where and when hydrogen is deployed, alongside coordination with potential demand volumes and cost implications.

The Council and any working groups will engage with existing industry and Government-led groups where the remit covers hydrogen or has implications for the development of hydrogen, to ensure alignment as required.


The Council is co-chaired by Kwasi Kwarteng, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, and Sinead Lynch, UK Country Chair of Shell.

Membership of the Council and its working groups will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is able to respond to and support the government in meeting its strategic objectives for hydrogen.

Full membership will be published following the first meeting.

Source: UK Government Announcement



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