Universal Hydrogen’s Dash 8-300 Soars in Second Flight, Pioneering New Heights in Hydrogen Aviation

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universal hydrogens dash 8300 soars in second flight pioneering new heights in hydrogen aviation

Universal Hydrogen’s Dash 8-300, a turboprop aircraft retrofitted with an engine powered by electricity generated from hydrogen fuel cells, completed its second flight on June 5th. This 30-minute journey, twice as long as its inaugural flight, saw the aircraft reach 5,000 feet and speeds of 170 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS).

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Launched from Moses Lake, Washington, the Dash 8-300, affectionately named “Lightning McClean,” demonstrated significant progress since its first flight on March 2nd. During this second venture, the aircraft climbed 1,500 feet higher than in its first flight.

Universal Hydrogen’s CTO, Mark Cousin, said that the company is making strides toward refining the powertrain’s reliability and endurance. He also said that the company plans to move its operations to Mojave, California as part of their endeavor to obtain a supplemental type certificate for the ATR72 aircraft.

Even as Universal Hydrogen celebrates these flying milestones, it continues to focus on its primary mission: developing certified storage capabilities and infrastructure for both liquid and gaseous hydrogen. This endeavor remains the cornerstone of the company’s long-term viability and its pursuit to revolutionize the aviation industry with hydrogen technology.


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