Uno-X Opens Hydrogen Station in Hvam, Norway

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Uno-X offers cheap fuel from simple and efficient energy stations. Today there was the official opening of Uno-X Hvam in Skedsmo municipality, and the customer can choose whether to fill hydrogen, gasoline or diesel.

Uno X New Hydrogen Station in Hvam 5Hydrogen cars help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Uno-X will give the hydrogen fuel cell powered car an opportunity with Norwegian drivers. The hydrogen powered car only releases water vapor and has the same comfort, range and filling time as petrol and diesel cars. Most major car manufacturers will offer hydrogen cars in the future. The cars are exempt from one-time tax, VAT and tax. In Skedsmo municipality it is also free to park with hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Irene Johanson, regional manager of Uno-X Norge AS said, “We welcome the new hydrogen station at Hvam and we are pleased that it will also have good accessibility to the E6 “

Hydrogen Infrastructure in Norway

Uno-X has been inspired by the ambitions of municipality and county municipality, and Uno-X Hvam becomes the second of the company's stations in Akershus that offer hydrogen. It also sells hydrogen at Uno-X Kjørbo in Sandvika and soon a station will be in Ås municipality. The company's ambition is to provide a network of stations along the major highways in Norway as soon as possible.


Uno-X Norge AS is a part of Uno-X Energi and is owned by Reitangruppen. Uno-X Energy helps reduce emissions by increasing the renewable content of liquid fuels, and has discontinued palm oil in fuel. Uno-X Norway takes responsibility for offering hydrogen and wants to sell hydrogen from selected stations along the major traffic jams in Norway as soon as possible. The prerequisite for a hydrogen infrastructure is a public / private partnership. 

Uno-X Hydrogen AS builds hydrogen stations for Uno-X. The company is owned by Uno-X Energi, NEL Fuel and Praxair Norway.

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