Upgrades and Additions to the Hydrogen Refuelling Station at the Automotive Campus in Helmond

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At the present time there are currently two activities that are being carried out at the Automotive Campus with regards to the Hydrogen Project of HydrogenNet.

Permanent Hydrogen Filling Station

At the fixed hydrogen station at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, they are into the final weeks of working on the last of the upgrades and expansion. These upgrade and expansions were needed to facilitate the growing demand of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. After the new Hyundai Nexo came on the market, the demand for this vehicle has increased rapidly.

This was also noticeable at the Automotive Campus in Helmond where the Oostendorp group sells both Hyundai and Toyota hydrogen vehicles. Now that more cars are refueling, the need for back-to-back refueling must also be possible. These modification and upgrade will make it possible for cars to refuel immediately.

Besides hydrogen cars there will soon be tw0 refuse trucks in the vicinity of Eindhoven that will require the services of this hydrogen station. Also, next year there will also be two garbage trucks in Helmond. All of these will be refueled at the fixed filling station on the Automotive Campus, which meant that the hydrogen filling station had to be increased in terms of its capacity.

Mobile Hydrogen Filling Station

Currently one has to go to a fixed hydrogen filling station to be able to refuel, but this is not useful for some applications. Hydrogen is also a very good alternative for, for example, fork-lift trucks and garbage trucks. With the help of a mobile station, WaterstofNet facilitates the market and brings the station to the end user.

For the current demonstration in Helmond, the mobile hydrogen filling station is used to bridge the period for the adjustments to the fixed installation. This allows the pioneers who already drive a hydrogen car to continue to drive.

All this has been made possible by Interreg Vlaanderen Nederland, within the project Hydrogen Region 2.0.

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