Uruguay: ANCAP Presents the H2U Offshore Program: Explore Green Hydrogen From Offshore Wind Farms

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  • innovative project that promotes energy production from wind farms

In a press conference headed by the president of ANCAP, Alejandro Stipanicic, together with the ministers of Industry Walter Verri (i) and the Environment Adrián Peña, the H2U Offshore program was presented.

The president of ANCAP began his oratory by stating that: “the immediate agenda cannot affect the important agenda. Today Uruguay, through ANCAP, sets foot in the future ”.

It is an innovative project that promotes energy production from wind farms installed on the offshore platform. Stipanicic explained that the state company promotes a call for investors to install a platform in the territorial sea for the exploration of green hydrogen.

“Interested parties are asked to offer what is the profit that the State is going to give, the eventual participation of ANCAP and a work plan,” said Stipanicic. “We hope to have a round of consultations with companies to understand their expectations, so that they access our information and can complement their basic information. This can take between 8 months and 2 years. Then it is reasonable that we do the bidding and that the companies confirm all that laboratory work on the site, “he added.

The conference featured interventions by ANCAP engineers Jorge Ferreiro and Juan Tomasini, who lead the company’s Hydrogen team. Both spoke about the importance of Hydrogen for mobility, experiences from other countries and about the role of ANCAP in this project.

The experts focused on the fact that the energy transition is a reality, that hydrogen is a key energy vector and that Uruguay has great potential to produce green hydrogen.

Tomasini highlighted the unique strengths that ANCAP has, such as technical capacity in complex facility processes, knowledge and experience in geology and offshore, and in contracts and negotiations with oil majors.

The activity also had the participation of the Undersecretary of the Environment Gerardo Amarilla and the Coordinator of the MIEM Environmental Unit, María José González, with the presence of the Vice President of ANCAP Diego Durand, the directors Richard Charamelo, José Luis Alonso and Vicente Iglesias, and the General Manager Ignacio Horvath.

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