Utah’s IPP Renewed: a Hydrogen-Ready Trailblazer Gaining Momentum With Cutting-Edge Turbines

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Utahs IPP Renewed a Hydrogen Ready Trailblazer Gaining Momentum With Cutting Edge Turbines 1

Utah’s Intermountain Power Project Renewed (IPP Renewed) has achieved a groundbreaking milestone, steering the energy landscape towards a cleaner and more sustainable direction with the successful delivery of two state-of-the-art gas turbines from Mitsubishi Power.

These colossal turbines, each weighing an astonishing 694,000 pounds, were delivered to the Delta facility in Utah on June 8 and July 21. This significant progress heralds a new phase in the transformation of the state’s energy domain, with the IPP Renewed project at the forefront.

Turning the Tide Towards Innovation

Cameron Cowan, the General Manager of Intermountain Power Agency, regards these turbines as catalysts for innovation, propelling the IPP Renewed project into an exemplary role. This initiative symbolizes a departure from coal dependency, as it pioneers a move towards cleaner, dispatchable energy solutions.

The IPP Renewed project’s vision extends beyond the mere replacement of an aging coal plant. It lays the groundwork for state-of-the-art natural gas units that are also hydrogen-ready. This extensive transformation includes a modernized transmission system, linking Southern California, and a comprehensive setup for hydrogen production and storage. The future facility aims to leverage renewable energy to generate hydrogen via electrolysis and store it in underground salt caverns.

A Progressive Path to 100% Hydrogen

With the anticipated start of operations in 2025, utilizing a 30% hydrogen fuel blend, the IPP Renewed project sets ambitious targets. It aspires to attain 100% hydrogen operation by 2045. This shift bears immense significance in the ongoing battle against climate change, promising to slash carbon emissions by over 75% compared to current levels, with a remarkable 840 MW net generation output.

Bill Newsom, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Power Americas, stresses the vital role of collaboration in this venture. He sees the IPP Renewed project as a testament to the impact of strategic partnerships in building essential renewable energy infrastructure, driving the United States towards its net-zero emission targets.

An Unwavering Commitment to Clean Energy

Mitsubishi Power’s prompt delivery of the turbines signifies more than just adherence to a timeline. John Ward, spokesperson for the Intermountain Power Agency, emphasizes that the aspiration to reach 100% hydrogen utilization by 2045 requires consistent technological evolution.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Power has solidified its dedication to renewable energy by collaborating with Magnum Development on the ACES Delta hub, a complementary clean energy storage project. Situated adjacent to the IPP Renewed initiative, this hub will harness renewable energy to create hydrogen, stored in two underground salt caverns. The stored hydrogen will then fuel the IPP Renewed project.



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