VINATech Announces New Factory Dedicated to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Materials

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fuelcellsworks, VINATech Announces New Factory Dedicated to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Materials

Leading Green Energy solutions provider, VINATech, finished an incredible year by announcing a new Factory dedicated to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Materials

This new factory will be based in Wanju, South Korea, located nearby to VINATech’s main Super Capacitor and R&D Centre in Jeon-Ju. The latest site will be producing Fuel Cell materials for the fast growing Mobile and Stationary Markets which are considered the premier methods to solving the Global Net Zero carbon emissions targets.

Demands for Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is ramping at a significant rate to meet the Global demands. VINATech have been developing their patented carbon based materials since 2002 and following a positive IPO on the KOSADQ stock market in Q3 have already committed to the acquisition of allied Fuel Cell market companies enabling a flexible partnership to emerging Fuel Cell businesses.

This $80 million investment will enable VINATech to meet its ambitious growth plans with the very latest smart factory processes and patented technology over the next 10 years. The Factory will eventually employ over 200 staff. Completion is expected by the end of 2022

Vinatech acquires Ace Creation, a manufacturer of separators for hydrogen fuel cells

Resently, Vinatech, acquired 100% of Accreation, a hydrogen fuel cell separator manufacturer, for a total of 700 million won and incorporated it as a subsidiary.

With this acquisition, Vinatech became the only company in Korea to collectively produce the core components of the hydrogen fuel cell stack, such as support, catalyst, membrane electrode assembly and separator.

Vinatech expects to expand the value chain of hydrogen fuel cells through this acquisition. This means that it has a system that can produce all of the core components that make up the fuel cell stack.

About VINATech

VINATech is a major developer and manufacturer of Carbon Based Green energy solutions with multi-site production facilities in Korea and Vietnam with a high focus upon Automation to ensure the very highest level of quality with short lead times and competitive pricing. Starting in 1998 with the vision , the company is one of the largest producers of Super Capacitors and Ultra Capacitors supplying the Industrial and Automotive sectors.

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