VM Motori Embarks on Development of Hydrogen Combustion Engine

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vm motori embarks on development of hydrogen combustion engine

Italy–VM Motori has unveiled plans to create a hydrogen combustion version of its 2.2 L, three-cylinder inline engine, signalling a shift from its traditional focus on diesel engines. The hydrogen variant, H2-ICE, stems from the R753 diesel model and supports the global pursuit of CO2 neutrality, as hydrogen produces zero particulates, carbon monoxide, or volatile organic compounds when combusted.

The similarities between H2-ICE technology and current vehicle production technology provide benefits to manufacturers, simplifying system adaptation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and refuelling. Aftertreatment systems manage the minimal NOx production.

The new engine, boasting state-of-the-art components like injectors, common rail, pistons, spark plugs, ignition coil, and pressure regulator, has been adapted for hydrogen fuel. The effort also aimed to maximize standardization with the diesel predecessor.

The H2-ICE engine provides a 10% performance improvement over the original diesel variant, with 62 kW output and 270 Nm peak torque. It complies with EURO VI E and STAGE V emission standards, with mass production planned for 2025.


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