Western Australia Streamlines Approval Pathways for Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Projects

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A New Green Energy Approvals Team

In an effort to streamline environmental assessments and shorten project approval timeframes, Western Australia has introduced a new green energy approvals team. This team has been established to fast-track the approval processes for critical minerals, hydrogen, and renewable energy projects. Their focus will revolve around developments that will aid in the decarbonization and diversification of Western Australia’s industrial landscape, without compromising the region’s unique environment.

Commitment to Green Energy Investments

The newly established team is part of a $22.5 million commitment aimed at overhauling the state’s approach to environmental approvals. The Green Energy Approvals Initiative is not only streamlining the approval process but is also promoting investments in wind and solar power generation, renewable hydrogen industries, lithium mining, and green energy product manufacturing such as batteries, electrolysers, solar panels, and wind turbines.

Encouraging Green Energy Projects

Currently, over 40 green energy projects are being assessed or regulated by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, with an additional 30 proposals expected to be referred for assessment within the next year. The new initiative will target a significant number of these projects in the coming weeks, enabling processes to be trialed and optimized. Renewable hydrogen proposals make up the largest number of green energy projects in the assessment pipeline.

Establishing the Green Energy Major Projects Group

To facilitate these processes, a Green Energy Major Projects Group is being established within the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. This group will serve as the first point of contact to guide projects and investors through government processes.

Formation of a Green Energy Expert Panel

A Green Energy Expert Panel, consisting of government and industry representatives, will also be created. This panel will provide the independent Environmental Protection Authority with necessary information to expedite approvals effectively.

Premier Roger Cook emphasized that this streamlined approval pathway will ensure Western Australia remains an attractive destination for renewable industry investors. He added, “The whole-of-government Green Energy Approvals Initiative will drive the green industries boom in WA, supporting local jobs and a strong economy into the future.”

Environment Minister Reece Whitby stated that faster decisions on renewable energy projects needed a creative solution, with a vision for Western Australia to become a world leader in renewable energy without compromising its unique biodiversity.

Hydrogen Industry Minister Bill Johnston further commented on the government’s commitment to ensuring Western Australia becomes a world leader in the emerging hydrogen industry, asserting the critical role that hydrogen and renewable energy production will play in achieving a carbon-neutral state.


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