Western States Hydrogen Alliance Expands to the Entire United States to Bring National Awareness

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Fuel Cells Works, Western States Hydrogen Alliance Expands to the Entire United States to Bring National Awareness

SAN FRANCISCO— Over the last year the pace of growth of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry has surpassed all expectations. The Western States Hydrogen Alliance (WSHA) recognizes this overwhelming demand and as a result, have decided to expand support of hydrogen and fuel cell markets to all 50 states.

We are proud to announce this expanded scope with our new name, the United States Hydrogen Alliance (USHA).

USHA’s mission will remain as the go-to organization for assisting policymakers directly on crafting hydrogen and fuel cell policies, actively and effectively advocating for the hydrogen and fuel cell industries, and enabling strategic deployments of hydrogen and fuel cells at economies of scale that accelerate consumer adoption and cost-parity.

USHA provides members multiple pathways for improved commercial success with the goal of mass market adoption. In just over a year since being founded, WSHA has sponsored, supported, or assisted 16 legislative bills in four States. We bring value to our members by developing policy initiatives that will allow for immediate advancements in technology deployment, in addition to providing the education, policy crafting, and supportive advocacy to enable legislators to successfully champion the inclusion of hydrogen and fuel cells into clean initiatives, subsidies, and other policies.

In its new capacity USHA is launching ‘H2Net’ which will be a network across the U.S. that enables seamless access to reliable and affordable hydrogen for transportation, commercial, and industrial applications. USHA will help leverage the $9.5 billion dollars from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by working with any and all interested state policy leaders to formulate additional policies to ensure that the hydrogen and fuel cell industry receives the quantum leap needed to fulfill its potential to replace incumbent technologies and fuels.

Roxana Bekemohammadi, USHA’s Executive Director had this to say about the organization’s geographic expansion “We are pleased as an organization to spread the message from coast to coast that hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology are critical solutions to climate change now and will continue to vigorously advocate for policies that bring these clean solutions to fruition.”

Tim Sasseen, Market Development Manager for Ballard, saysBallard welcomes the expansion of USHA into the broader United States Hydrogen Alliance.   As members of USHA we have seen unparalleled success in getting hydrogen policy conversations started in legislatures and governor’s offices across the western US.  The transformation of WSHA into the USHA will now allow us to respond to the call from states like New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Texas as they advance their decarbonization efforts through hydrogen.  USHA’s new H2Net initiative is the key in helping states to connect the newly forming hydrogen hubs and corridors in a coordinated and effective manner.”

John Motlow, Executive Vice President at Zero Emission Industries says, “Legislators and regulators across the country now understand the critical role hydrogen will play in the electrification of the US and need guidance in crafting their strategies.  The USHA team has deep hydrogen and policy experience and thus Zero Emission Industries believes that USHA will become a hugely valuable resource for them in supporting that effort and ultimately will help to increase the adoption and deployment of hydrogen technology.”

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a member of the United States Hydrogen Alliance please contact : [email protected]

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